Spring Break

I am a teacher of some beautiful, funny, smart, hard working, witty, cute little 4th graders. But being able to keep up with them means being able to take a break to rejuvinate every once in awhile. Well this week has been one of those much-needed breaks. This week was our Spring Break. Here are a few things that I did this week! 

Shopped at my favorite home decor store for the very last time....sad :(

enjoy some chocolate that my lil sis sent me from London...best chocolate I ever ate!!

Did some spring cleaning by moving my rug...only to realize that I will now need to clean my carpets. They are disgusting! Amazing how you don't realize how direty your carpet is! 

Turned on the a/c. It's spring time here and my house gets really HOT really FAST!

Got a package from London...yay! 

Finished not one but three books...Nicholas Sparks is one of my fave authors! 

Drank a lemon berry cream slush. If yo've never had one you really should. They are amazing!!!

Ate at Durangos. Yum! 

Got my hair cute. Just a trim since I'm growing it out. But a haircut always feels SOOOO good! 

Decorated my house for Easter! I need to do a new craft really, really soon! 

Enjoyed this pic on #flashbackfriday Haha...my little sister's wedding. But my favorite thing about this picture is my littlist sister and the cute look on her face! 

Tried this smoothie place that just opened...yum! 

Went to this place twice :)

Fell in love with my new oil diffuser

Got ready for my sis to come home in a month...we have temple/froyo sister dates planned! 

Had a GNI....sonic, little caesars, and pitch perfect

Tried to work on this. I got bad news just as my Spring Break started. I tried to have Faith in "the plan" and not worry so much! 

Working on planning my girls' trip to Cali for Easter Break. Can't wait!! 

I also slept in, did some spring cleaning, reorganized some things in my house, spent some time at the park with a few friends and their little ones, worked on some scrapbooking. You know, it looks like I had a great spring break. And yes I accomplished a ton! But I had the "bad news" in my mind all week, which put a damper on things. Here's to brightening my day soon!!! 

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