This is where I spend my days...

Okay this is my cute classroom. This is where I spend my days. I am very proud of this cute classroom and all of the learning that takes place in this room. 

Blogger is making me mad because it's flipping all of my pictures! So I'm sorry but some of them are sideways. But I blame blogger. 

I know it's March, but I just found out I have to leave this cute classroom behind at the end of May. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental about this classroom that I love so much. I will be moving down the hall and teaching a new subject next year. Change is in the air! 

As I work to finish this year out strong and embark on this new journey I think of this quote that I saw on fb today. This is why I LOVE teaching!!! And I love those sweet kiddos!!

Classroom Door...

A glmipse into my classroom from the hallway...

Backpack rack

Behavior "clip chart"

Word Wall, Writing Wall, Birthday Wall...the word wall hasn't worked out the way it was planned this year. So please don't judge me that it's March and only half my words are up! 

The Word Wall

The students' binders. By the look of that, it's definitely March and not August lol! 

The writing shelf and the "pickle time" shelf. I'll explain "pickle time" in another post

The Writing Wall. Here I post the six traits and an example of each. Throughout the year I switch them out and replace them with student work. The students love seeing their work posted up on the wall. (I also hang some of their writing outside of the classroom)

There are many things in this corner. Writing wall, birthday wall, the shelf where the students keep their book boxes, the idiom chart, and the "tired words". Some of these things get changed out throughout the year. The "tired word" wall was the "cafe wall" earlier in the year. But when I realized teh students needed some practice with "word choice" I changed some things around. 

The "tired words" wall and the computer table.

The Writer's Workshop pencil and the Idiom chart. In the past I hung the pencil with a clothespin on it for each student. The students would move their clip as they moved through the writing process. I am now teaching at a charter school where I have more than one class of students and so I can no longer do that. Now it just serves as a reminder. And the idiom is also very helpful. In my class we learn one idiom a week. So the students like to refer to the idiom chart to use the idioms on a daily basis.

Classroom Library

Another look at the classroom library. Can you tell that it's May and we're forgetting to pick up after ourselves? Love those cute fourthies! 

The calendar, oil diffuser (so we can all stay healthy), daily 5 menu, Promethean board...

My reading corner...this is where I do my "book clubs" since I don't have a table for it.

Daily 5 menu...I have found that the true Daily 5 way of allowing students to choose what's next causes too much wasted time and behavior problems. So this schedule helps them out! 

Reading corner, BOGGLE board (which the kids LOVE), teacher desk, schedule, and my messy shelves lol

BOGGLE!! I change this out once a week. Every Friday there is a PRIZE


These shelves are much storage space...helps me keep a cleaner room

And now we're heading out...

The tables. I really don't like these tables by the way. They take up so much space. I have yet to find a good classroom arrangement with these tables. I want my retangular tables back lol!!! 

There's our cute room.

Notice the boxes in the corner...already starting to move. Trying to do a little at a time from discreet parts of the room. I don't want my students to notice me packing up just yet. I am going to miss fourth grade so much and I know I'll CRY & CRY & CRY when I finally tell them....

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