My Life...a whole lot of crazy!

Okay I have totally neglected the blog lately. It's been about a month since I last posted! That is huge for me. In the past there've been months where I posted daily. So here is a little RANDOM UPDATE of the last few months of my life. In no particular order or importance. And if this is too sporatic to keep up with, I won't be offended if you stop reading. I'll try to be more consistent. But there are no guarantees until AFTER MAY 23! (the last day of school)

MY LIFE (in the last few months):

I received lots of notes from sweet students. Here are a few samples of some of their sweet notes as well as some of their "persuasive letters" they wrote to their parents.

This was written just after reading "Frindle" to my class. I was told it needed to hang outside the classroom door.

They have become sneaky lately: placing notes on my chair, signing "your secret admirer", putting sticky notes on my pen holder...

"Life Changer" Love it!

Suffered immensely from allergies. I am not supposed to be suffering from allergies since I've been taking allergy shots for the last 4 years. But I heard there were new allergens in the air this year. And the past month or so has been absolute torture!! Thank heavens for my oils to give me a little relief. I don't care what anyone says...they can make fun of me all they want. But I think they're AMAZING!!! They are a life saver!

Took a GIRLS ONLY trip to CALIFORNIA!!! Unfortunately one of the girls ended up backing out at the last minute due to a death in the family. But the three of us who went had a blast. But it was a sad reality when we came back to St.G. I LOVE CALI!!!

I'm in love with my Cali hair! 

Missed my baby sissy so much. She was in London for BYU Study Abroad. I missed her a ton! We chatted through email and sent each other stuff in the mail. But I missed her. She did make me fall in love with BUENO Bars...yum! If anyone ever goes to Europe, they should bring me home a bueno bar lol :)

She got her mission call while in London. So we did a family Google+ call. 

The day she got home. Ugh...I look like crap! 

Spent lots of time at the temple. I really, really need some life changing answers right now. It was such a sweet experience to go with Kayla last night! She took out her endowment exactly a week ago (with the whole fam here). I am so proud of her. She is truly an incredibly young woman! 

The day Kay went through for the first time

I spent lots of time playing with nieces and nephews. Despite the fact that none of them live nearby anymore :( I still had a fair amount of time playing with them. I met my new niece Lila (belonging to the Hamblys) in January. I went to visit The Gandolas in February. I went to Lila's blessing in (March?). And The Hamblys & Gandolas came for Kay's temple day. Too bad Ken couldn't bring his kids. Miss those cuties. I'll take all the Aunt Mandi time I can get!!! I feel like a celebrity when I'm with them! A few months ago when they were all at my mom's house, I was downstairs playing with the boys. I needed a little break so I told them I had to go upstairs to talk to their mom for a minute. Well I was gone for a little too long. Next thing I know I hear three cute boys walking up the stairs saying: "Do you think Mandi's up there? Lets go find her. Where's Mandi? We need her to come play with us." How can you say no to that? Within seconds I was back downstairs building a fort. I LOVE BEING AN AUNT!!! 

And a few RANDOM THINGS from my life:

I spent some time with a friend recently. We were working on a project and her daughter showed up looking like this. She said "My friend painted my face with lipstick! Can I go play with her some more?"

Did some rearranging of the furniture. Wow...didn't realize my carpet was so dirty! No there's not a rug there...despite the fact that it looks like there is. :)

I found out that I'm switching jobs next year. So I starting taking down the classroom. Sad, sad day :( I have way too much teaching stuff in my garage now! I may need to have a teacher yard sale to sell all my 1st & 4th grade things. So, so sad :(

I love this man! Where's my "McDreamy"??!!

Exactly one week ago I bought my first ever iPhone! My sister Lynnie was gracious enough to allow me to join her family plan with her and her hubby. I wasn't sure the phone was as cool as everyone says. But YES IT IS!!! I will never be able to go back. This phone is amazing. I've learned so many cool tricks that make life so much better. One of them is making my screen absolutely adorable. A few other favorites are screen shot, camera flip, photoshop, emoji icons....I LOVE MY NEW PHONE!!!

Made this on my sweet new phone. It's that time of year when I'm stressed, high strung, exhausted, worn out, pooped, anxiety ridden...

Taken on my new iPhone using phone flip

I even managed to squeeze in a few crafts :)

Craft #2

Had the best Valentine's Day ever. Some sweet secret admirer decorated my house. It's always a rough day. So I started bawling when I pulled up to my house. Between this secret admirer and sweet students my day was a little more bearable than usual! 

Took a few SWIG runs. This place is ALWAYS busy!

Noticed this truck by my house. Southern Utah gets a great education at Dixie State "Collage" lol. Good thing they're a University now. Maybe that's easier to spell haha...

Did lots of reading. Several Nicholas Sparks books, a few Melanie Jacobson books (just discovered her), and NieNie Nielson (love her!)

Totally inspiring and life-changing

Since all my shoes are "unacceptable" now that they are suddenly strict on shoes, I found this beauties. Feels like wearing these!

Tired me after the MOST EXHAUSTING WEEK EVER!!

Ate here a ton, probably way too much. They just opened...I've waited for this day for awhile. 

Got brave and went to a few movies on my own. Loved this one...almost as good as the book!

Had this yummy St. Patty's Day treat with my parents...

Broke a shoe while at work. First I tried a repair job. Didn't work. Then I tried to walk around on one shoes. Didn't work. So I went barefoot the rest of the day. It was sorta freeing! I loved it :)

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