Teaching Changes a your Heart

I've been teaching for a long time now (10 years to be exact). I've seen lots of different kids from lots of different families. It's very humbling today to see these kids and the kinds of things they deal with on a daily basis - things I didn't even know about at their age. But teaching has also defined who I've become. My life I've dreamed of being a wife and stay-at-home mom. Well my HF had other plans for me. He wanted me to be a teacher. He knew the sweet children would touch my life as much as I touched theirs. I guess if I can't be a mom then being a teacher is definitely a great alternative!!! I absolutely love and adore the children that I teach!! This has been an especially great year with especially great students. One child in particular has really touched my heart. I have seen tremendous change in him and am so lucky to have had him in my class this year! I've learned so much from him, more than he'll ever know! He is such a cute, sweet kid. But at the beginning of the school year he was a very shy, quiet kid who was afraid to even talk to me. He's changed so much that I don't even recognize him anymore. Now I definitely don't claim to be the sole reason for his recent openness. But I certainly hope I played even a small part in that. See the attached picture from Facebook where I outline the change I saw in him this year! What an amazing kid!!

He has become such a gentleman lately that when I'm taking my class somewhere or picking them up, he always holds the door open for me and says: "After you Miss" He'll be a heartthrob someday. Actually I've heard several girls talking about him, I think he already is!

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