Okay so my post title might be slightly deceiving. But it was the best I could come up with. This will probably be a mushy girly post...

So it all started when I came across this book called Second Chance that I fell in love with. When I was done with that book in about a week I figured I needed more by that author. So I started reading Twitterpated and loved it even more!!!

But I also felt like this book was in a way about me. Unfortunately I identified a lot with the main character. Reading about her and connecting with her taught me a lot about myself.

But mostly this book just made me feel TWITTERPATED!!! Honestly the relationship between the main character and the boy made me feel those butterflies of a fresh relationship. And you know I keep myself really busy for a reason!! If I keep busy I won't remember that I'm single and lonely. I won't have tone to think about it. But this book left me wanting to be in love so bad, longing for a relationship, wanting to find someone just like Ben!

But how do I do that? Especially at my age?? For years I failed in relationship after relationship. I picked up my feet and kept trying. But after so many failed relationships I couldn't help but give up. My heart literally could not take any more! But right now my heart longs for that special someone!!

So I hope sooner rather than later I can find that special guy who loves me for me. Where is he?!?!?! ❤💍

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