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Not your ordinary Mothers Day

I started my Mother's Day by attending church. My goal this year was to make it through the entire 3 hour church block this year. I knew that this would not be an easy task. But I knew with the Lord's help that I could do it. Last year I couldn't even make it through the first hour. Now I will say that yes I did accomplish my goal but just barely. Sacrament was pretty god until the end when my bishop got up to say a few words. Up to that point everyone had pretty much spoken about the mothers in their lives. My bishop's point in getting up was to speak of those women who were unable to bear children as well as those women who were unable to wed. This is the point that I lost it. The tears had been on the surface through the entire meeting. But at this point they came pouring out. I headed to Sunday school and did okay there. But then it was on to Relief Society which was the worst of all. The lesson that happened to fall today (as we've been following the manual) w…