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Starlight Express!!!

The other night I had the privilege of going to Starlight Express with my parents and my little sister. Tickets were Buy One Get One Free and so we thought it would be the perfect time to go see the show. Many years ago (I think I was maybe 15) we saw Starlight Express at one of the casinos in Las Vegas. My dad's work was having their annual party and that year it was at this show. I seriously LOVED the show so much!!! So you better believe I was excited to see it at Tuacahn. I don't know if I've ever seen a show at Tuacahn that I didn't enjoy. Outdoor theater? How could you not enjoy it? And this show was cool because they covered the first five rows and created a ramp (since the actors are on skates). This was seriously such a fun show! We really loved it! :) And to make it even more fun we saw our friends The Shaws. They were in our ward and lived in our neighborhood. It was so fun to run in to them and chat with them. Two of their daughters are going to be first y…

I love my car!!!

I love my lovely white Nissan Versa. She's my baby. She's the perfect car for me! I seriously couldn't ask for a better car!! But, as happens every June, it came time to get a state inspection, so I could renew her registration. And she was due for an oil change as well. So the other day I took her in to the Good Ol Boys...where I always take her. They're very nice and friendly there and there was a deal in the Dixie Direct. So I took her there along with a book for me to read. I sat and read for awhile and she got her oil change and inspection. She was good as new!!! Except....she was still dirty. So after leaving the Good Ol Boys, I headed down to Fabulous Freddy's. At Freddy's I got a car wash. I went through once and as the boys were getting ready to scrub the inside they noticed the outside wasn't very clean. So they sent me through again. That was nice! So then I went through again. And then I sat and relaxed while they scrubbed my baby inside and out…

Productive days!!

Okay I have to admit that I was lazy for the first half of the week. I guess the heat was getting to me but I just had no energy or motivation to be productive. And I have to see I definitely was NOT productive...was very unproductive in fact. But then a few days ago I woke up and someone had that drive to go and do! For a few days all I did was go...go...go...I checked off a big chunk of my to-to list. And added a few items not from the to-do list. Felt so good! I ofcourse had to cool off at the pool each night to reward myself. :)

A FEW of the items that I completed:

This fourth of july craft mentioned in an earlier post

This fourth of July craft mentioned in another post
Hung this vinyl in my shower! This was the $2 cut at the local vinyl store a few months ago. It finally got hung today! ;)

Started this craft. It's not completed because you have to let it dry for 24 hours. It is a frame a plan to use in my 5th grade classroom. I will post final pictures when it's completed.…

Love this kid!!

The other day I opened my mailbox and I noticed a handwritten envelope. That doesn't happen these days. It's usually just bills, bills, bills, junk, junk, junk. So I was excited to see a hand addressed envelope! I pushed everything else aside and immediately took a look at this. And what did I find a sweet note from my little nephew Cole!!! Seriously made my day!! It is hanging in the center of my fridge now...makes me smile every time I see it! Thanks Cole! Love you bud!!

After I looked at my letter and hung it on my fridge, I made a video on my phone thanking him for the letter. I sent it through message to my sister. She said as he was watching it, he was talking to me and didn't understand why I wouldn't talk back. Now that is just absolutely adorable!!!

The salvation!!!!

Well since it's been 115* for several days in a row here...the pool has been the only thing to save me!! I've honestly had to go to the pool twice a day due to the intense heat. It's only June and it's already so hot...I'm worried about what July & August will feel like! Well peeps...if you can't get a hold of me, you know where to find me!

If you look closely at my pictures, you can probably figure out which ones were during the heat of the day and which ones were at night...take a guess!!

I even had a pool date with my sis the other day. We ofcourse had to go to yummy Kneaders afterwards! If you've never tried their raspberry it!!! Lets just says heaven dipped in which chocolate lol...never had a cupcake melt in my mouth like that. Wow!

Craft #2

I saw this at my friend's house. And I just had to make one of my own!!! I fell in love. So cute!!! So I went to the thrift store and found an ugly brown frame.
Then I pulled out the white spray paint and painted the frame. I only did one layer because I wanted to give it the rustic look.

Then I printed this out at Walmart and placed it in the frame. In love!!! What do you think?? :)

4th of July craft

I did this craft the other day for the Fourth of July! I'm pretty proud of it! I just love it. So I was at the local mall the other day. I stopped in the vinyl store to buy this week's $2 cut. I love that they do that! And then I noticed this beautiful tile on display. So I asked them to cut the words for me and I headed to Home Depot and bought myself a tile. I have to say having the two different colors made it tricky to place on the tile. So they were several mess-ups since it was so tricky. But in the end nobody will notice the mess-ups except for me. Happy Fourth! Started with a blank 12x12 tile

Here are the sheets of vinyl

Started with the red because it was the first layer.

We've got the red all done...Can't notice in the pic but the "g" on ring didn't quite fit!

Trying to line up the blue...with the red...It was really hard to get it on there. The red layer was so much work! But then I felt like I was doing the red layer over again when I was doi…

Happy Notre Dame Graduation dad!!!

**This happened in Mid-May...still playing catchup!

Well....this post might be long!!! About 5 years ago my dad started working towards a degree at Notre Dame in Nonprofit Administration. Each summer he spent some time living on campus at Notre Dame and attending class. Then during the year he worked on online classes. He was fulfilling his dreams! I remember the first year when he was getting ready to head out there. I was going to drive him to the shuttle which would drive him to Vegas to fly to Indiana. As he was packing he asked me "Is it normal to feel nervous to go away to college?". I thought it was very interesting how reversed the roles were at that point. But I also remembered how nervous I had been to go away to college!
Anyways, he has finished that degree and we had the amazing opportunity to attend his graduation! On Wednesday night, we drove down to Vegas since our flight was leaving super early the next morning. So we hung out that night with Meg and her fami…