4th of July craft

I did this craft the other day for the Fourth of July! I'm pretty proud of it! I just love it. So I was at the local mall the other day. I stopped in the vinyl store to buy this week's $2 cut. I love that they do that! And then I noticed this beautiful tile on display. So I asked them to cut the words for me and I headed to Home Depot and bought myself a tile. I have to say having the two different colors made it tricky to place on the tile. So they were several mess-ups since it was so tricky. But in the end nobody will notice the mess-ups except for me. Happy Fourth!
Started with a blank 12x12 tile

Here are the sheets of vinyl

Started with the red because it was the first layer.

We've got the red all done...Can't notice in the pic but the "g" on ring didn't quite fit!

Trying to line up the blue...with the red...It was really hard to get it on there. The red layer was so much work! But then I felt like I was doing the red layer over again when I was doing the blue layer because the red layer was sticking to the paper. And the corners of the stars are very tiny so one of my stars tore. But I accomplished it and it turned out pretty good!

Here's my final product! Cute right??

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