Happy Notre Dame Graduation dad!!!

**This happened in Mid-May...still playing catchup!

Well....this post might be long!!! About 5 years ago my dad started working towards a degree at Notre Dame in Nonprofit Administration. Each summer he spent some time living on campus at Notre Dame and attending class. Then during the year he worked on online classes. He was fulfilling his dreams! I remember the first year when he was getting ready to head out there. I was going to drive him to the shuttle which would drive him to Vegas to fly to Indiana. As he was packing he asked me "Is it normal to feel nervous to go away to college?". I thought it was very interesting how reversed the roles were at that point. But I also remembered how nervous I had been to go away to college!
Anyways, he has finished that degree and we had the amazing opportunity to attend his graduation! On Wednesday night, we drove down to Vegas since our flight was leaving super early the next morning. So we hung out that night with Meg and her family. It is always so fun to spend time with them! Love her and her sweet kids!! We got up early the next day and headed to the airport. Once we got to South Bend, we spent four fun-filled days of entertainment!

Look at that sweet girl! Couldn't get a smile out of her, but that's okay.

Love those kiddos! Asher's smile is the best!! :)

It's super early...so I had to go for the glasses!

About to jump on the plane! Woohoo!

We got lucky enough to get someone to swap seats so all three of us could be together...dad is right behind us!

Just arrived :)

We ate at O'Roarke's...Can I say YUM?! My mom and I shared the most AMAZING meal! Homemade potato chips with chili, cheese, and they were supposed to have bacon! We started eating and they were absolutely delicious! But about half-way through we realized we were missing out on the bacon! So we asked our waitress who was so nice by the way. We just thought maybe they'd give us a discount or something. But they gave us a whole nother serving of fries with lots of bacon) and didn't charge us. They were so nice. But...if you're ever there, get the homemade chips...YUM!!!!

At O'Roarke's...

At the campus bookstore..."moms, dads, and grads"...two out of three, not bad

Right outside our "dorm"...so pretty here!

The bathrooms were so fun...I've never used community showers before. What an experience! One day I went in there to use the bathroom. There were two girls in the showers with the curtains wide open. I'm pretty sure they didn't hear me come in. So I was trying to be as loud as I could in the bathroom. That way when I went over to wash my hands, I wouldn't have to see these two girls in the nude. That's one of the super fun experiences of the community bathroom!

Four girls...plenty of beauty products. Actually this picture was taken before number 4 got there...We had fun times in our room, just didn't love the no a/c...that was really hard on me. But this was a fun experience!

We stayed in The Parrish! How fun...top floor, no elevators, heavy luggage. Oh and...no a/c...that was no fun for this girl who sweats like crazy!

He decided that become a pastor haha ;)

Guess what is behind me??? Morris Theater! Guess what we saw there???

Yep! You guessed it!!! WICKED!!!!!!!!! Can I just say....totally worth the wait! Love it!!!


Yes we're dorks...you know it!

Touchdown Jesus! Ya baby!
Yes...Touchdown Jesus!

Look at that ivy? That is stunning!

Really cool looking administration building! I love driving on this road and seeing this beautiful building pop into view!

If you look closely you will notice a cute little raccoon family. A mama and her babies. Right out back from our building. We had fun watching them climb around in that tree.

Wow! Stunning! See why this was such a great trip?

Dad, Mom, Kayla, and I played all day Thursday! Then on Friday we played some more until Lynnie & Kenny arrived. Meg, we're still sad you couldn't be with us. Friday night we went to a fancy dinner in honor of the NPA graduates. The best dinner I ever tasted. Worth every single penny!!!!

Us four siblings! :)

The Parents

That is a melt in your mouth sort of dinner! Wow! Mouth watering...

The Grotto...this was a really cool experience!

Saturday...Graduation Day!

You can't see him in this picture but he's back there!

Stole this from Lyn because I love those pics!

There he is! Thumbs up and all!

We took about a million pictures! I won't post them all...

Fighting Irish!

My dad's good friend Mike Benson aka president of SUU...went through the program with my dad but graduated early!

The fam! So glad we could be there...we sure missed you Meg!

Stunning! WE walked everywhere that I went. So we were always looking at beautiful views like this!

After graduation we drove to Shipshewana, a small Amish town. We ate dinner at the Blue Gate Restaurant. We also gave dad a few presents for graduation.

Best peanut butter in the world!!!!!!!!! Seriously...I bought some and took home with me. And it's great to know that you can buy it online too. :)

Oops! Out of order...Happy Graduation!

That night we bought ice cream from the grocery store and ate it in Dixie cups in our room. "Rolfe Style"...I needed ice cream!!!

On Sunday, we attended the final event. The graduation for the entire school. There were some amazing speeches! I was very impressed with the Valedictorian's speech. There was also a speech by a Catholic Cardinal. Amazing speech!! Very engaging...

Can you find him?

Awe...I know I look mad but the sun is actually just really bright!

Woohoo! Go dad!

I couldn't find my picture so I had to steal this from my sister. Love the School of Architecture's caps
!! So creative!

The happy graduate just fulfilled his dream of stepping on the Notre Dame football field. He told us that he actually leaned down and touched the grass on the field!  He did it!!! :)

And....our plane was majorly delayed! Sitting at the airport...wasting time while we wait!!! Gotta love Allegiant Air! :)

And the journey has come to an end....what a great few days! Congrats dad!!! I'm so proud of you for this huge accomplishment. As I sat through graduation, I couldn't help but be in awe over what my dad has accomplished. I graduated from SUU a year ago with my Masters Degree. And yes that's a great accomplishment...so not to downplay my hard work. But my dad graduated from this HUGE very PRESTIGIOUS University! Wow...dad I'm amazed!

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