I love my car!!!

I love my lovely white Nissan Versa. She's my baby. She's the perfect car for me! I seriously couldn't ask for a better car!! But, as happens every June, it came time to get a state inspection, so I could renew her registration. And she was due for an oil change as well. So the other day I took her in to the Good Ol Boys...where I always take her. They're very nice and friendly there and there was a deal in the Dixie Direct. So I took her there along with a book for me to read. I sat and read for awhile and she got her oil change and inspection. She was good as new!!! Except....she was still dirty. So after leaving the Good Ol Boys, I headed down to Fabulous Freddy's. At Freddy's I got a car wash. I went through once and as the boys were getting ready to scrub the inside they noticed the outside wasn't very clean. So they sent me through again. That was nice! So then I went through again. And then I sat and relaxed while they scrubbed my baby inside and out and made her nice and pretty again!!! I love when my car is sparkling clean!

Sitting inside Good Ol Boys...

There's my car way up in the front!

There she is...sparkling in the sun!

**Sidenote: I love these chips! While sitting at Freddy's I ran in for a snack. I wanted nachos because...I know I'm weird but I love gas station nachos. But I couldn't find any. So I decided to try these instead. Fell in love!!!! Mmmm..... :) If you haven't tried them, you should.

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