Need Your Help!

Okay I need some opinions and advice here. Please help!!! Last summer I made this frame pictured below. I struggled with color choice since my students where uniforms (red, yellow, white, navy blue, and khaki). I also felt I needed to choose a somewhat neutral color so that the boys wouldn't be disgusted by my choice. I went with this periwinkle in order to accommodate. I didn't love it,but I figured it would work. Part of the plan was also for each holiday, etc I'd replace the wording on the frame. So I made those cute words, and velcroed them to the frame to make it easy to switch out. Well the year got away with me and they never got switched out. 

So here is where the dilemma comes in. Do I continue to use the same frame? And maybe since it's summer I can make the signs now to make switching them throughout the year an easier transition? Do I make a new frame with a fresh color? What color do I choose? Instead of wording do I just use some neutral things to decorate the frame with just to make it a cute frame? But then what do I use? I'm moving up to 5th grade. Fifth grade boys don't like flowers and bows...and what else do you decorate with? Buttons? I found a cheap frame at the d.i. the other day (shown below). It's a little smaller but last year's was maybe a bit too big!? And what is a good color that works with the uniforms and is still cute?

See my dilemma lol... I know there are worse things to worry about. But it's summer and I can worry about what I want. Why not? If you asked my students, they'd tell you my favorite thing to do is take pictures. So that's maybe why this is something that I worry about. Been thinking about this for awhile now... Thanks in advance for help and suggestions!! 


New frame...will ofcourse take the painting out. 

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