Ooey Gooey Yumminess

Okay I know I posted this recipe before. But I messed it up last time. The first time I made it, it hardened and I felt it would break my teeth. So I gave it a second chance with a few minor changes. The girl who I got it from calls it Christmas Crack. I think I need to rename it so it doesn't feel wierd to eat it year-round. Hmmm....what could I name it? Ooey Gooey Yumminess?? Anyways, here's the recipe if you want it. 

1 - 14 oz box of Rice Chex creal
1 - 12 oz box of Golden Graham's cereal
1 - 7 oz bag of shredded coconut
1 - 2 oz bag of almond slivers
1 1/2 cups butter (yes that's 3 whole sticks!)
2 cups sugar
2 cups corn syrup

Combine Rice Chex, Golden Graham's, coconut, and almonds in large mixing bowl. Sti to combine. 

In large saucepan, cook butter, sugar, and corn syrup. Cook on high until boiling. Once boling cook or 2-3 minute at most. Pou over cereal mixture until well coated. Pour mixture onto 2 large cookie sheets to cool. Stir it occasionally to prevent clumping. Store in air-tight container. 

You will be addicted!!! Yum!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

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