Pool time!!!

Okay so if you know me at all, then you know that the day summer hits...I'M AT THE POOL!!! And I don't leave until...SCHOOL'S BACK IN SESSION!!! Well this year has been a little bit different. Things have been a bit crazy. So I finally tried to go to the pool last week...about a month into my summer vacation. And when I get to the pool I see this lovely sign and an empty pool. I was far beyond disappointed!! So I called the community center in hopes to use their pool and they were closed up for the night. So for several days in a row I kept my eye on the pool. It was finally ready for me to jump in, I headed over there, and...it seemed perfect. Nobody else there, pool all to myself, what more could I ask for? I was on cloud 9 feeling pretty happy. But then the wind picked up and things started to fly. At the point that a chair flew into the hot tub I thought...hmmm....I think I better leave. So more than a little disappointed, I headed back to my house. I'll try again, hoping to have better luck next time!!! I need some major pool time before summer comes to an end. And summer is definitely moving far too rapidly for me!

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