Productive days!!

Okay I have to admit that I was lazy for the first half of the week. I guess the heat was getting to me but I just had no energy or motivation to be productive. And I have to see I definitely was NOT productive...was very unproductive in fact. But then a few days ago I woke up and someone had that drive to go and do! For a few days all I did was go...go...go...I checked off a big chunk of my to-to list. And added a few items not from the to-do list. Felt so good! I ofcourse had to cool off at the pool each night to reward myself. :)

A FEW of the items that I completed:

This fourth of july craft mentioned in an earlier post

This fourth of July craft mentioned in another post

Hung this vinyl in my shower! This was the $2 cut at the local vinyl store a few months ago. It finally got hung today! ;)

Started this craft. It's not completed because you have to let it dry for 24 hours. It is a frame a plan to use in my 5th grade classroom. I will post final pictures when it's completed. The stars shown below are cut out of vinyl and will be placed on the frame.

Rewarded myself at the pool... relaxing!!!

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