Salad Dressing anyone?

It is amazing how this one little salad dressing has changed our lives in this last week. Last Wednesday I was at my parents' house for dinner. We had a yummy Caesar salad for dinner. But the entire time I was eating my mouth was burning. And it kept getting hotter and hotter...and it moved to my lips! I thought wow what is causing this?! My family thought I was crazy! You think this is spicy? What is wrong with you? But it was more than was hurting my throat, my mouth was on fire, and my lips hurt so bad!!! After dinner, mouth continued to bug me, but I just ignored it. We were going to go to a movie after dinner. But we decided to stay home and watch a movie. So we're getting ready to start a movie and Kayla says: "I'm going for a run." I was surprised but no big deal. So my mom and I start to watch a movie. About 10 minutes into the movie, my dad yells down the stairs for us to come see what's going on with Kayla. We came upstairs to see what was going on. She started her run and something was really bothering her. She thought it might be pollen in the air or something. So she came home and showered. Well very shortly into the shower she got out because her throat was hurting and she couldn't breathe. She got worse and worse pretty rapidly so my parents rushed her to the ER. The funny thing is that my dad had visitors coming into town. So I stayed at the house while they headed to the hospital. I figured my mom was driving when I heard the peeling of tire wheels. I found out later it was my dad. If you know him at know what a shock that is! Luckily our neighbor, the ER doctor was working that night. They said she had had a food allergy. So they pumped her with Benadryl and sent her home. In talking when they got home, we think my mom, Kayla and I all three had some sort of reaction. Kayla just got to be the lucky one to have the major reaction. And we think it was the dressing since it was new and the only food that would be different.

Well, everyone was feeling nervous about this. She's leaving on a mission in a few weeks. If this happened in her mission, what if she couldn't get to the hospital on time? So she went to an allergist to find out what she's allergic to. First of all, the tests didn't work because the medicines the hospital gave her blocked the tests. So she gets to go back and do those lovely tests again...lucky her!!! Those tests are definitely NOT fun! But she did discover one thing...she has a rare disease called Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis. What this means is that she is allergic to certain foods. But she only has that reaction if she exercises after eating them. So she is literally "allergic to exercise". So Kayla will no longer be exercising after she eats! She learned her lesson...but at least she can keep herself safe from food allergies on her mission!

Poor girl...the ER is no fun!!

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