Sisters Only Weekend (well sortof)...with the BEST SISTERS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

(I realize this was about a month ago but I'm that far behind)

So my mom and her sisters get together once a year and have a Sisters Weekend. It's a fun tradition that they started I don't know maybe 10 years ago?? My mom mentioned to us that we should do the same thing. We decided we liked her idea. But I guess we should call it Girls Weekend since my mom is invited. :) We changed the date several times and in the end they decided the week school gets out would be the best weekend. I was not happy about that...mostly because I'd be a stressed out, exhausted mess. But how could I say no to a weekend with my sisters? I ofcourse had fun with my sisters...but I was a stressed out, exhausted mess! 

We did have lots of fun. But my favorite part was staying at a cabin in Pine Valley. If we could've spent the entire weekend there I would've been in heaven! The weather was perfect and it was a fun, nice little place to stay. On Friday after my sisters arrived in St. George, we headed up to Pine Valley. Lyn brought her kids, so Cole stayed in St. George with grandpa for some boy time. Cole thought that the thought of painting toes at a cabin sounded just awful lol...funny kid! So we brought Maliya with us. And Meg had brought her little one as well. So we had Miss Maliya and Sweet Lila at the cabin with us. Friday night we basically ate dinner and then watched two movies. (I slept through BOTH) Then we went o bed and I had a pretty sore back by morning time!  

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. The girls wanted to go hiking. I don't do well with hiking because of my asthma. So I opted to stay at the cabin. I think they felt bad leaving me because a few stayed behind with me. That was nice. We painted toes which was fun. But the color I chose ending up being super dark. I looks black haha! After they got back, we spent a little time making jewelry. Then we packed up and headed back home. At home we went out shopping for a bit and then came back and made some more jewelry. We made the most adorable jewelry for the little girls!!! Then we went to dinner at Players Grill. Yum!! I love their food.

Sunday was just sortof a lounge fun day. I had to teach Relief Society in my ward (which I don't feel went very well). But other than that, we just hung out. Meg left Sunday. Unfortunately she had to leave before S'more time! We were so sad to see her go. :( But we had fun making yummy s'mores enjoying the peaceful backyard!

It was a really fun weekend and I love my sisters and momma so much!!!  Love ya girlies!!!! :) It's always fun to be with the ladies in the family! (And I hope my SIL can join us next time. She just had a baby so it was too hard to get away.)

 My first official day of summer! I spent a little time grooming. I felt very pretty on this day...just because I hadn't spent any time on my in a very long time.

painting toes out on the lawn...

Kayla LOVES to paint toes lol!!!

My mom painting my toes...I was struggling to do my own with my short little legs...

And the jewelry making has fun!!!

More jewelry making...

Working on my bracelet. :)

Sweet Miss Lila's bracelet. That little wrist is so cute!

A sister picture from a photo shoot when we got to Pine Valley!

Look at that precious little wrist! I just love these little girls.

I Love LILA!!! :)

Dinner at Players...our food was yummy!!

 A picture at dinner. Look at our friend in the background...photobomb!

Meg & Lyn at dinner...

Our sweet Lila at dinner...

Players Grill!!! *sorry for the picture overload

My mom's bracelet...turned out pretty good

Some of the bracelets we made for the little girlies :)

Bracelet making and cute girlies...

I was trying to get Maliya to smile lol...on a side note look at her cute bracelets!!

Miss Maliya's cute wrist...looks like she's playing with rocks :)
Time for S'mores!

Yep! Maliya loves me...haha :)

Cole loves his grandpa!

LOok at that yummy s'more!

A few more sister pics...sorry they'are all screen shots from my phone so not easy to see!! (Kayla I need real copies please!!)

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