Vacation to Colorado!!

Well I've decided sinc I've gotten so far behind on my blog I'd start current and work my way backwards. Hopefully I don't get too much out of order or confusing. Here goes...

So my sister Lynnie asked if I'd come visit her during the summer. How could I say no to that? Love her. Love her kids. LOVE her house!! Love Colorado. So the answer was of course...YES!!

I decided to spend a whole week there. We had so much fun!! I just adore her two little ones. Cole is my little buddy who follows me wherever I go. He just loves and adores me. Then there's sweet little Maliya who's way too much of a mama's girl! She'll allow me to smile at and talk to her "from a distance". But she has the most precious smile and I simply adore her!! On occasion she gets braves and allows me to hold her, play with her, or just be near her. Someday...someday!! 

And then there's my sister and her hubby of course. I just love them. They are a very, fun creative couple and they made the week lots of fun. My sister of course came up with some fun crafts (some that worked and some that didn't lol). I was just go through the pics and recap a bit from the week. Not sure if the pics are in order and its too hard to change since I'm posting from my phone. So lets hope they're in order. 

Getting ready to leave HOT St.George

The beauty of Colorado as I arrived...

They were waiting to do to FHE as I arrived. This was the prize from the treasure hunt we did. When I pulled up to the house they came out to greet me. Cole said: "we're here!" It was adorable!! 

I always get to stay in the "purple room" which I love!! There's always a greeting and a treat waiting for me. Cole opened my treat previous to me getting there, so it had to be hidden from him lol...

Day 2 began when SUPERMAN came and woke me up. "Hi Mandi I'm awake". He's so cute!! 

Trying to get a pic of Little Miss. Sorry Lyn...looks like you were mid sentence...

Kid's Movie Day...we thought it would be fun! It didn't turn out quite right. Diary of a Wimpy Kid seemed like the better of the two choices...until the "bad guys" came on. We were wishing they had a choice made for younger kids. But it was still fun. We took a pic in front of the cute Monsters, Inc poster! 

Cute Little Miss in the shopping cart...

He fell in love with this book. He seriously could not put it down. Even after we purchased it, he carried it with him and continued to read it all day long!! 

Movie Time! Watching "chipmunks" of course!! We had fun. Love him!!!!!

He loves to get read to! And I absolutely love having the pleasure of reading to him!! 

Best yummy treat ever!!! Each night after the kids were in bed, we watched a movie in the amazing theater and had a yummy treat!! This was the best in my opinion...fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Yum!!! It's making my mouth water just thinking about it. :) 🍨🍓

She loves this toy... 

I'm 100% in love 😍 with that sweet smile!

We made a car, steering wheel and all. It was so fun! 

He loved "driving" his car...even if Aunt Mandi is doing all the work!!

This next part is our "attempted" craft. Pinterest sort of steered us wrong. 

Tak a canvas...

And some crayons...

Glue the crayons to the canvas...

Then you're supposed to blow dry the crayons, which melts them and allows them to run down the canvas. After 30 minutes with no action from the crayons, I gave up. So we put them out in the sun next day and...still NO action! So I'm sort of wondering if its because we used cheap crayons?? The blog we were looking at gave us every indication that this would be an easy project. We both ended up without good results... So I consider this an epic fail!! Oh we'll, it was sorta funny to see NO results.

Here's the other craft I did:

I started with three empty glass vases from the thrift store. I then painted them this fun color to match my house. Thanks to the paint I chose, it took several coats!!! Then I found some pretty flowers to place in the vases (see picture below)...

We spent a day "face painting". Lyn painted Cole's face, and then Cole painted each of our faces. So fun!! He really, really wanted Spider-Man!

He's painting Lyn's face. Isn't it lovely?

And my beautiful face...

We spent some time at the Splash Pad. Little Miss loved it...face and all. She really enjoyed splashing her face in the water. Unfortunately it got windy and cut our time short. But there was a street fair going on. So we wandered through the street fair and had a great time! So so fun!!!

We saw some cute clips at this little boutique type store. We decided to try and recreate them ourselves. So we made three cute clips for Little Miss. Turned out really cute! 

Made bird feeders. I think my little buddy had more fun eating the left over peanut butter lol! But it was lots of fun!!

My finished vases...

Lots of time was spent bike riding....This little guy loves his bike! 

She actually let me hold her! It had to be documented!! 💗

Bowling time...They don't make shoes small enough for my little buddy, Lyn was just helping that left me with the only one privileged enough for super hot bowling shoes lol!!!

I love this picture! Look at his hands!! :)

Three happy bowlers...

Party at the lake...glad I was here for fun! We didn't plan on getting in the water...

She had a great time...

As did he...

Fun in the lake!!

You can tell that she felt like a movie star every time we put these on her...and I think she looks like one too!!! Love her. 💗🎀👓

We tried to go to the rodeo at the fairgrounds. When we got there, the fairgrounds were empty with nothing going on. So we settled on the park...great second choice!!

He likes the glasses too...although he likes all and any glasses...I love 💜 how happy they both are right here!!!

More bike time!!!

Cole showed me his hopscotch skills! Forward...

And you can't tell but Backwards...
He was pretty impressed with Auntie Mandi's fast hopscotch skills! 

We finally had some fun playing together on one of my last days there. It takes a ,ong time for this girl to warm up to you!

"Best Buds"

Love her 😍

Sunday after two cuties! little buddy!!! Love him!!! 😍😘

Isn't she precious?!

Someone got a hold of my phone and took aboutn100 pictures of his feet from different angles! 

We finally got a sister picture!! 😍

Pretty scenery on the drive home...

I'm in love with this cheesy grin!!!!!

"Free Riding" lol...I just love his because its just too cute!!!!!

Thanks Lyn, Nick, Cole, and Maliya for an amazing week!!! I didn't want to leave!!!

On a side note...This adorable, hilarious, sweet kid just melts my heart!! 💚💙 And when he found out I had to leave he fell o the floor and wept which in turn mde me cry. 😪😭 Love ya Cole!!!!!

P.S. Here are just a few of the many Cole tidbits from my trip:
  • When I arrived he came running outside and announced: "we're here!"
  • He asked me: "Do you have any kisses for my owie?" (talk about melting your heart right there)
  • I read books to him pretty much daily. He liked to sit next to me on the couch, lay back, and put his arm around my precious!
  • He loved giving me a big hug and a kiss...on the shoulder!
  • He often said: "If you say so"
  • One day we were watching a video on Kayla's blog. Everytime he saw here on the video, he would shout: "Hi KayKay!" (not sure if he understood why she didn't say hi back to him)

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