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June Instalife...

Reorganizing pics tonight, so these are totally out of order! 
Did some major organization projects around the house! The shower, master bedroom, craft room...Feels so good! 

Got a new nephew! Isn't he cute? Love him! Actually I think he was born in May...this picture may have ended up in the wrong spot! 
Some more of the organizing...
Helped a friend throw a birthday party for her son Donny! It was so fun. :)
Had a very HOT month! As you can tell my hair's a mess...the heat does that to me! I was in the car here, heading to CO!
Arrived in CO excited to see my sis and her fam! 
YUM! Fresh raspberries with really yummy store brand ice cream.
Played with this cute girl while in CO. It took her a few days to warm up to me. But as you can see, she started to like me!
Painted faces while in CO. Cole really wanted Spiderman. Isn't he cute?
This girl had fun watching us paint faces. :)
Played in the splash pad while in CO. These two loved it! 
Enjoyed a yummy peach shake, yum!!!

July Insta Life!

July Life..Instagram style. I'm reorganizing my photos tonight so therefore these pics ended up ENTIRELY out of order! I also may have missed a few. Next time I decide to reorganize...I'll post first lol! 
Got my work computer back!! Ready to start creating things for 5th grade...
Went to a DoTerra in the Classroom class
My sweet friend Annie died in a tragic accident :(
Visited my teaching friend "Beaner". Don't get to see much of her these days!
Visited Beaner's garden...yum!
Stopped by my old stomping grounds after visiting Beaner. I met her here because we worked together. I LOVED this school and was so sad to leave!
Went to my coworker Melodie's wedding (the same day as Annie's funeral)
Got a letter from Kayla! 
Started working on school much work at the beginning of every year! 
Went to Apollo Burger with some friends. My first experience. Yum!
Spent a lot of days feeling hot and sweaty (not sure if you can tell but my cheeks are …