July Insta Life!

July Life..Instagram style. I'm reorganizing my photos tonight so therefore these pics ended up ENTIRELY out of order! I also may have missed a few. Next time I decide to reorganize...I'll post first lol! 

Got my work computer back!! Ready to start creating things for 5th grade...

Went to a DoTerra in the Classroom class

My sweet friend Annie died in a tragic accident :(

Visited my teaching friend "Beaner". Don't get to see much of her these days!

Visited Beaner's garden...yum!

Stopped by my old stomping grounds after visiting Beaner. I met her here because we worked together. I LOVED this school and was so sad to leave!

Went to my coworker Melodie's wedding (the same day as Annie's funeral)

Got a letter from Kayla! 

Started working on school projects...so much work at the beginning of every year! 

Went to Apollo Burger with some friends. My first experience. Yum!

Spent a lot of days feeling hot and sweaty (not sure if you can tell but my cheeks are bright pink and my sweaty hair is a mess)

Had lots of rain/wind storms. Lost my wreath to one of the storms! I was so sad :(

Was walking the temple grounds with friends. Watched someone get engaged. It was really cute to watch yet really sad for me all at the same time.

Yum! Nielsens! Need I say more?

Sunday afternoon snack...Tillamook cheese & crackers. Yum!

Visited Meg in Vegas for a few days. Look at those cute kids!

Story Time & McD...while in Vegas! 

When Kayla left on her mission, Lyn gave her a "thankful journal" to write in every night. Lyn had decorated it with Kayla's favorite things. So later Lyn gave one to each of us and told us to decorate them so we could write in them nightly. We decoratedthem while in Vegas. 

Me and the cute kids. (Oops my eyes are closed!)

Lots of flooding! I love a good rain storm. :)

We went to Tuacahn and saw Mary Poppins while Kim & Sara were visiting.

Took Kayla to the MTC. Made a stop along the way.

Stopped at the temple to say goodbye before taking Kayla to the MTC. Lots of pictures, lots of hugs, lots of tears! 

Said goodbye to Kayla. We'll sure miss her! 

Met Finn for the first time. He's so cute! 

Played with lots of cute nieces and nephews!!!

Fun times on Fourth of July. We painted shirts and faces. Then went to Aunt Sandi's for bbq & fireworks. Such a fun holiday! 

Played with these two cute nieces. 

As you can see....July was a busy month!!!!!!

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