Kayla's farewell!!

Well, Kayla had her farewell on Sunday, June 30th. Seems like forever ago now, but it was just 2 short weeks ago. Most of the family came that weekend for the farewell. (We missed Grace & Finn) It was fun to be together, especially knowing this is the last time for at least 18 months! Kayla gave a beautiful talk in church! Honestly, she was definitely a missionary when she was up speaking. She was absolutely glowing. And the way she was speaking,  I was truly amazed and overcome by the Spirit. My baby sister is all grown up!!! We had lots of fun during the 1 1/2 days we were together. The little boys had so much fun playing games. Hailey loved playing with / taking care of the little girls. We ate amazingly well ofcourse! If you know my mom, you know there's ALWAYS good food when she's cooking! We built forts in the living room. I had fun playing in the fort with the cute little boys who begged me to join them! We all took turns holding precious little Lila Jae. (Maliya hadn't quite warmed up to us, so not much chance to hold her) And we ofcourse took some family pictures. Our family LOVES taking pictures!!!

Monday morning most of us got up and headed to Idaho for a week of fun. I'll post on that soon!

The announcement in the paper. Kayla's going on a mission!!

Isn't this kid cute? Love him!!!

These three little boys LOVE their 'favorite aunt'!! ;)

Sunday breakfast...

These cute boys love eating together! 

YUM!!!! Waffles with cream cheese dip, strawberries, and homemade whip cream. Doesn't get better than that! 

Playing games...with his phone in hand! 

More games...

Hailey had a little game time too! 

The kids were 'building' and 'fixing' things. So cute! (Don't mind the poor picture quality)

Love this cute Lila girl! 

'The Fort'

He is sorta sitting on the fort, Hailey was NOT impressed lol.

Isn't Kayla beautiful? We couldn't get Lila to look over!

Family Picture Time!!! Such fun times!!!

Kayla with all of her nieces and nephews (minus Finn)...yep and Coco couldn't be left out!

I love Miss Maliya's face here! Look at all of those cute kids!!! They love their sweet Kaykay

Kayla & the girls

Kaykay & the boys

Sibling Time!!! (I really love this picture)

The whole gang (We missed Grace & Finn)

Cute Reed & Asher made a sign for Kaykay so we took a picture by it.

The beautiful missionary! She's ready!!

More games ofcourse! They're all so cute...but look at cute Asher!!

The 'Boys Only' table! I tried to sit with them and they were not happy with me...especially Cole lol!!

I have to share a funny little tidbit about Cole. We were all sitting at dinner after church. The little boys at their table. Lila in her high chair. Everyone else at the big table. All of a sudden, Cole says: "Anybody, I need more bread!" It was the funniest thing. And he must have us wrapped around his little finger. I was halfway out of my chair to get him bread, and Kenny got the bread for him in instants. FUnny kid!! (I'll share more in a separate blog post. I've got a million funny little tidbits to share.)

Anways, I'm so glad we were able to get together before Sister Kayla Rolfe left on her mission. She is making us proud. She will be one truly amazing missionary!!! So proud of that girl. Can't wait to hear all about her mission and things she is doing. :)

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