Life is Scary!

I realized tonight that my friend Annie's death has really affected me! She died in a rainstorm on the freeway. That was a week ago and I have not driven on the freeway since then. And it has been stormy pretty much every night since then.  And driving in the rain has sorta freaked me out this week?!! If you know me, you know I take the freeway everywhere I go. It's faster and you usually don't get stuck behind annoying drivers. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain!!! It's amazing to me what your mind does to you. Two things that I usually love total scare me to death right now!!! Life has a way of doing that to you! I know I'll eventually get over this and move on. But Annie's death has ended up affecting me in a number of ways!!! It has taught a lot. So in a way this has been a blessing and learning experience for me. I miss you dearly my friend! 

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