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So I promised in a previous post to share some Cole tidbits. I spent a lot of time with that sweet nephew of mine early in the summer. So I heard a lot of his sweet little phrases. I'm going to share them here. I realize sometimes they may seem funny in the moment. But when you try to describe them they don't seem very funny. So just humor me if you need to lol...(Or just don't read it...they might not be funny to everyone, but hilarious to me!)  Oh and there's a few thrown in there of other nieces/nephews. But I need to be around them more to catch on to some of their other cute phrases!

COLE (while I visited him in Colorado)

As I pulled up to his house (after a several hour drive), he came out and said: "We're here! We made it!"

When I was visiting he asked me: "Mandi, do you have any kisses for my owies?" Well do you say no to that?

While sitting on the couch reading books to Cole (which he adores, as do all my nephews), he laid his head back and put his arm around my shoulders. So adorable!

I showed him a video on KayKay's blog (of her and her friends in London) while I was visiting, He kept saying: "Hi KayKay". He was totally confused why she wouldn't talk back to him.

While visiting, repeatedly throughout the week he'd kiss my shoulder and tell me he loved me. It was melt your heart, precious!

Several times I'd say something to him and he'd say "If you say so"...that kid is a crackup!

COLE (while we were all at my parents' house in St. George)

While sitting at dinner (and there were a lot of us), Cole says: "Anybody I need some more bread!"

"Mandi did I hurt you on purpose? No I didn't. It was only an accident."

"It was only an accident." He says this one a lot.

COLE (while we were all at Kenny's house in Idaho)

As I'm tickling him I ask: "Are you ticklish?" He says: "no". I keep tickling him and he keeps squirming. So I ask: "Are you sure?" (in a joking matter) He says: "No Mandi. I'm not sure."

We were in the toy room playing with some things. Cole found Hailey's little mini Book of Mormon. He starts to look at it and then he says: "This Book of Mormon is in Spanish". I turned to Hailey and asked if it was in Spanish. She told me she hadn't looked at it in a long time so she wasn't sure. I asked Cole if I could see it. Hailey and I look at it and it's clearly written in English. So I told him: "No this is English". Later he showed the book to his mom and said: "This book is English". funny!!1

Cole tells Kayla: "Don't do that anymore KayKay. You don't want to get in trouble." She says: "Oh sorry Cole. I don't want to get in trouble." Then he tells her, I was just kidding KayKay hahaha....

His dad was tickling him or something and he said: "It's not nice to do that. You need to go to timeout."

On the Fourth of July we were watching fireworks and he was waving his little flag. We told him to say "Hello America" as the fireworks were going. Well he was extremely afraid. So he said: "Go away America!". Poor kid. :(

Arguing playfully with Uncle Kenny about whether he should be thrown in the river, he finally says: "Calm down Kenny!" and he meant it.

After I told Cole "Good Job" he says: "Why does she always say that?" Hahaha....guess I say that too much!

He was giving us an anatomy lesson. "My tummy is a belly. And it's a part of my body."

He said repeatedly: "What's the big idea?" Kayla taught him that one...

Kayla and Hailey were building a waterfall with rocks at the river. Kayla stopped working and Hailey wanted to know why. Cold said: "Sometimes workers get worn out".

"I need a snack everyone!" (Just looking for anyone who was willing to help him out)

"Cole, lets watch Wreck It Ralph". We turned it on. He says: "Is it about singing girls?" The preview to The Little Mermaid was on. We thought that to be hilarious!

While at church, Cole pulled my phone out of my purse. He then says: "I need to do something cool for you." I was curious to see what he'd do so I let him proceed. He then pulls up the games and starts playing games on my phone. Silly boy!

Getting out of the car I said: "Oops my shirt got stuck." The Cole says: "Oops my shirt got stuck too. My shirt and Mandi's shirt both got stuck!"

"Look at these. They're color Legos. We really didn't paint them." (THey were Legos Friends and I'm pretty sure he's never seen them before. He thought they were pretty cool.)

Grandma and Cole were playing "lets go to the movies with our tickets". Cole felt a little crowded with grandma sitting so close and him squeezing against the couch. He trying to make room and then he says: "I like to squish myself!"

While Cole and I were jumping on the air mattresses Cole said: "Mandi, I'm out of breath. Lets take a rest!" A few seconds later he says: "Okay I got some breath back, lets jump." He's adorable!

"Calm Down" (said on a few different occasions to a few different people lol)

"I shouldn't do that cuz I'm scared of it" (poppers...fireworks) Smart kid...if it scares you, stay away from it!


We were in his room playing toys. Well I was sitting in the hallway. There were things everywhere. You literally couldn't see the floor. He told me: "I unpacked and this is what happened." least he's honest!

I hadn't see Hailey & Kody in a long time so Kody needed a little time to warm up. At grandma's house, I got what I could tell was a forced hug & a hi and then he ran off. Once we got to Boise, we stopped for dinner. And suddenly he was the "Tickle Monster"...tickling me under the table and being silly. We had no problems after that!

Talking about Kayla, he said: "She's just like another cousin".


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