Pinterest + School

So a few weeks ago I found a great find on Pinterest. I found it here and deicded I wanted it for my classroom! So I went here and got the free printable. (And they have a few choices based on your design preference) I decided to make one for my new teammate since she's already helped me so much! So I printed one for me and one for her. I chose based on personality. I wanted the bright, cheery one. And I knew she'd want the calm, subtle, soothing one. So it works for both of us. All you need, once you have the printable, is an 8x10 balck frame. (You'll need to cut your printable down a little.) I printed the printable on cardstock so it'd be more sturdy. Then at the end of each day, you write on the glass what was "wonderful" that day. Trying to decide exactly how I'm going to do that...discuss as a class and decide what to write...but that might get difficult to decide which thing to choose...use "pick me sticks" to call on a student and allow them to write what they think was wonderful that day. I'm excited to see how this goes to promote positive thinking!!

                                   "Printable #1"

                              "Printable #2"


                                 Final Product!!!

                Can't wait to give this to my teammate...

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