Sister Kayla Rolfe...called to serve :)

This is what happens when your baby sister gets set apart as a full-time missionary!! You ball your eyes out for over an hour!! 

You know, there is an almost 15 year gap between my sister Kayla and I. As she was growing up, I often felt like a second mom to her. I often stayed home and took care of her while my mom ran my siblings to dance, piano, soccer, etc. I spent a lot of time with that sweet girl. And that made going away to college that much harder. It was of course very difficult to leave all of my siblings. But I had withdrawals from her since I spent so much time with her. And to make it worse, she would send me cards in the mail. I'd open them up and all they'd say is "come home soon". Anyways, she's my baby lol!!! 

But with that said, she is such a tremendous leader. She is one of the most kind and genuine people you'll ever meet. She is going to make an incredible missionary!! The people ofCincinnati, Ohio  are so blessed to have her!!! Although I'm going to miss her so much, I am so proud of this decision that she has made. She will be blessed in her life for making this great decision. 

But I just keep thinking "what if I get married while she's gone?". It would be so hard to get married without her there. But marriage is something I've wanted for A LOT of years!! So if it comes my way, I need to consider myself blessed. I love my sister and am so happy for her!!! I'm not sure what the next 18 months bring for her or I, but I do know her bright smile will touch the lives of many!!! Go and serve, Sister Kayla Rolfe!!! 

Now...I better get some sleep...nor long before we hop in the car to take her to the Provo, UT MTC. 


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