Sister Kayla Rolfe...official missionary!

Here is the video from last Wednesday, July 10th...the day we dropped off Sister Kayla Rolfe at the Provo MTC! It has been an extremely difficult process trying to get this video to my blog. Those smarter than me...please tell do I transfer a video from my iphone to my blog???? I tried several different things. When it came down to it...I emailed it to myself, it was too large so I had to cut it in half, and then I opened my email on my computer, downloaded the half video to my computer, and then uploaded here. But there has got to be a way to get the whole video!! So those smarter than me, please share. :)
Anyways, it was a bittersweet day. Sad, happy, excited, emotional, that baby girl! Still can't believe my baby sister is 19! Wow!!! She is such an example to us all!!! :)
***Not the whole video...but the best part! (And yes I'm the selfish one who made her hug me before she left lol.)

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