Tragic Death...

How do I even start this post? My dear, sweet friend Annie Goodwin passed away on Monday night. She was driving and the roads were slick from rain. She lost control of her car and her car rolled into the median and ended up on the opposite side of the freeway. She wasn't wearing a seatbelt so she was thrown from the car and landed in the emergency lane. She was pretty banged up and died at the scene. So, so sad! :(

On Tuesday morning when I woke up, I glanced at my phone and saw a text that said: "Sorry about your friend that died." I started freaking out because I didn't know what this friend who had texted me was talking about. So pretty quickly I found out it was Annie. I've known Annie for about 9-10 years. I first met her through working at Deseret Book. I was Christmas hire at the time. I remember working late at night quite often with Annie and some other young girls. And we had fun times late at night when we had no customers. We became good friends after that. And as we both moved in and out of St. George a few different times, we kept in touch. She tried to set me up with a few different guys over the years and it never worked out (unfortunately). We ended up in the singles ward together for awhile and it was fun to hang out with her at church and at other activities together. So we may not have been super close friends. But I considered her to be a good friend as I spent time with her through the years. 

I attended the funeral services today. It was very, very difficult. I really just sobbed through the whole thing. Her brother gave a beautiful Eulogy compiled of stories and other things about Annie from all of the siblings. A few of her nieces did beautiful musical numbers. My old bishop, Bishop Buck Hurst, from the singles ward, gave a beautiful talk! But he made me really, really miss that ward. That ward was seriously so amazing and the bishopric even more amazing! Anyways, some really great things were said about Annie today. One thing was that Annie made everyone feel like they were her best friend and that they meant the world to her. That's so true of Annie. Whether she hardly knows you or you've known her for years, she always made you feel like you were so important and she really wanted to hear what you had to say! There were times when I wouldn't see her for a few years. But then when I saw her again, she was always so excited to see me! Annie was such a tremendous individual! I don't even have words to say how great she was. She made rooms light up everywhere she went! She was always so happy to be there and so happy to see you! She will truly be missed. I love her! She was such a sweetheart. Love you Annie!! 

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