Visiting Boise...


Well, after Kayla's farewell, we got up the next morning and headed to Idaho. (Some of us) Meg's little family had to go back to Vegas because Ryan had to work. Mom, Dad, and Kay had to stay home for a few days so mom & dad could work. But the rest of us headed to Boise, Id to see Ken's new home! And I was so excited to meet little 2 month old Finn for the first time. So all day Monday we drove. I was crammed in the back between two car seats. For some reason, I didn't expect it to be so crowded. Why did I think that lol?? But it was a fun ride. Maliya, Cole, and I had fun times. We got a little crazy at times, but that made the long car ride a little more bearable! That night we went to Red Robin Yum! for dinner. The little boys had a blast. And it was at Red Robin that Kody started to warm up to me. All weekend at my mom's house he was very timid around me. But at RR, he started sneaking under the table and tickling me. Silly boy! 

We did many fun things during the week that we were there. We went to the pool almost daily. The only day we didn't go to the pool was the day that we went to the river. The river was lots of fun. My phone wasn't working for two days which was very sad. It was especially sad because the day we went to the zoo was one of the days that my phone wasn't working. I love the zoo! I'm always so intrigued by the zoo animals. While at the zoo, two kinda fun things happened. First was at giraffe feeding time. We thought it'd be fun to pay the few dollars to go feed the giraffes. Well I fed the giraffes and that was so fun!!! But then I was trying to take a picture afterwards. So I was posing in front of the giraffe and he leaned down and...LICKED MY NECK!!! It was so funny! And also at the zoo we went in the butterfly exhibit. At the exhibit a butterfly flew onto the back of my neck. And then my SIL Grace said the butterfly was using its little tongue to try and eat my freckles. It tickled like crazy!!!! The zoo was so much fun! 

One day we decided to go to a really fun park. The point in going to the park was for the splash pad aka a giant pirate ship so fun! But the water wasn't on. :( That was okay because the park still had tons of cool stuff! My favorite part of the park were the giant musical instruments. Hailey made a little 'store' out of one part of the playground. She 'sold' food to us. So fun! We played hard and had fun for quite awhile at this park. Loved it!!! On the fourth of July, my parents and Kayla showed up. Woohoo! That night we went to my Aunt Sandi's house. It was fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins...that I haven't seen forever! We had a big dinner and played hard. I got put in charge of making snow cones. The little kid were in love with me and wanted to try all the flavors! The favorite was rootbeer...yum! On July 5th, my uncle's brother put on a firework show by the lake. That was lots of fun. We drove pretty far out there and sat by the lake. He owns a firework stand and always does a show the next day using the fireworks he can't sell lol...maybe a little illegal?? It was so fun though!!! 

One day we went to the Boise Temple. My poor Aunt Sandi stayed back and watched the kids. That's a lot of kids for one person to take care of! But it almost didn't happen anyways. When we got there, they said initiatories was full, they only do sealings and certain times, and we didn't want to do a session (too long to leave the kids). But the 2nd counselor in the temple presidency was nice enough to do a private sealing session for us. So nice!! On Saturday we went to lunch in behalf of Kayla (since she's leaving soon). So she got to choose the place. And now I forgot the name of the place but it was super yummy! So when we got there, one of the hostesses was totally flirting with me (or so I thought). Then he starts talking to the little boys in an Irish accent. OKAY THAT WAS MEGA HOT!!!! And then as my family is being seated, he pulls me a side and whispers into my ear to tell me his accent is fake lol. I was shocked because I totally thought it was real!! My brother started to tease me about my 'special friend'. He was super hot, and I was definitely interested. But then he was flirting with my mom too...that's awkward!!!! Well, fun while it lasted I guess...

Sunday was our whole reason for being there. FINN'S BABY BLESSING!!! What a sweet baby boy. It was so great to be at his blessing. That was also a special day because Miss Hailey was turning 9!!! Yay Hailey. Happy Birthday!!! Glad I got to be there for Sweet Hailey's birthday. I still feel bad that I had to miss her baptism a year ago. So I'm glad I could be there this year. 

Well....I think this covers the highlights of the trip! Super fun trip. I for sure want to go back! Soon..... Here are some pictures, in no particular order. Thanks Ken & Grace for letting us crash at your house and help you break it in. Love you guys!!! 

Getting ready for fireworks at the lake...

Isn't that lake beautiful??

Hangin' in Aunt Sandi's back yard! 

A few 'fourth' pics by Aunt Sandi's house...



Boise temple...sibling picture! 

On the ride home...yum! 

Hard to say goodbye to all these cute kids! 

Love this girl! She's so grown up!

cute, cute Cole! 

grandma saying goodbye... her! never want to say goodbye...

sweet baby Finn

Kaykay and the kids. They love her! 

Sweet sleepign baby! Seems he fell asleep in my arms every time I held him. :)

Birthday girl! Look at that yummy birthday cake!

Yes sorry. That's a screen shot. Three generations! 

Their backyard. Nice, big backyard. Love it! And the kids love the trampoline.

This girl is in love with the outdoors! Want her to hold you? Tell her you'll take her outside, and she's all yours!

Sleeping baby Finn...

Awe...look at that happy boy!!

This girl had fun opening birthday gifts. She was so sweet to HUG & THANK us all. :)

Happy, happy birthday girl! 

The cute Rolfe kids. Ken & Grace I love these little darlings!!

Cole loves to read. He can sit and read for quite awhile...

Blessing day!!!

Hailey getting her hair done for church. Everone loves to get their hair done by Kayla, especially me. She's so talented!!!

Cole is so funny. He kept finding funny things in Kody's room. This was hilarious! 

These girls had so much fun together all week! Maliya loves cousin Hailey!

Awe...aunt Kayla :)

I got introduced to Winco foods! Oh my! Love love love this place. :)

Home Depot kid's craft. They made cars.

I played with Maliya while the kids made their craft

Relaxing at the river! 

This kid had a blast in the water! did she!!

Look at Hailey lol!!!

Sisters! It was so nice at the river! time! The girls went shopping (I actually passed because I knew I'd spend money that I didn't have). The boys and the kids took naps. I did a little reading.

Happy happy girl! Loves life!!

Haha...Kody's fave spot in the house! 

Look at this comfy boy. :)

Kenny's new cener. He'll be managing this place. Very nice center. :)

Cole found another 'treasure' in Kody's room

Fireworks! We did a few firesworks at the house after leaving Aunt Sandi's

Fun times at Aunt Sandi's house!

In love with these girls! (Especially little Kabella, she's the one with the brown hair.) Kabella has so much personality for one little girl. She just makes me so happy!!!

Fun with snow cones!

Caramel Popcorn...this stuff was so addictive! YUM! 

Fourth of July, we were very festive! 

Haha...Cole and his 'treasures'!

Even though Finn's not loooking, I had to share. Hailey placed this in my hair because it matched me better than her. Sweet girl. Isn't it cute?

All the kids painted America shirts!

The park I told you about. So fun! 

Hailey's 'store'

Happy boy! 

Okay so Tuscano's! We went there one night to eat. They have yummy food. Here's the funny thing about me. My fave is the grilled pineapple! But one of the meats got 'dropped' in my cup of water! It was so funny. :)

These boys had some great bonding time at RR! They had a blast together! Kody is a great older cousin.

Car Ride...we got bored lol...

Right as we arrived...I got to hold this boy for the first time ever! Cutie!!!

Like I said, Cole loves to read!!!

She's not supposed to suck her thumb. But she kept getting sneaky on the car ride.

That's it....hope you enjoyed and it wasn't too much of a picture overload!!!

Okay's a few more! Kenny took a few pics at the zoo so he was nice enough to share with me. :)

The butterfly that I told you about! :)

Can't really tell form the pic...but the giraffe is leaning down to lick my neck! Here he comes lol...

Feeding the giraffe. This was seriously so much fun!!

I have a wierd expression on my face here...the giraffe just finished licking my neck haha!

The kids loved this lion! Cole told us it was the lion that doesn't roar! :)

I have several Coleisms from the trip...and a few Haileyisms and I'll share those in a separate post. Love these kids!

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