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Temples...a Sacred Place! :)

St. George, UT LDS temple...on a stormy day. I got lucky with this picture! 
Well, yesterday was amazing! I've been trying to make it to the temple for a few weeks now. But with school starting and the life of a busy teacher, it just hasn't happened. And I wanted to see the new endowment video that they're showing. Everyone keeps saying that it has "more feeling". I wasn't sure what exactly they meant by that, so I wanted to go find out. And I knew the temple was closing yesterday so I was trying so hard to make it there sometime before it closed.
I finally made it there yesterday (barely). I had hoped for the 10 am session. But I left my house later than planned so I thought: "okay, I'll just go to 10:40". Well, I got there 10:20ish and ended up searching for a parking spot FOREVER! I ended up a good block or so away. And I ofcourse missed the 10:40 session. I considered just skipping out. But I felt that I really needed to be there; I really …

The Hope of God's Light

It was my Sunday to teach Relief Society today. As always, I was very touched by the Spirit as I prepared for the lesson. This month I was assigned to teach on the talk "The Hope of God's Light" by President Uchtdorf. What an AMAZING talk! If you haven't had a chance, please read it here or listen to it. Wow!!! I want to share a few thoughts that I had while preparing this lesson.

The whole point of this talk is overcoming "darkness" in our lives and finding "light". He talks about how we can overcome that darkness. There are three ways he mentions that we can do that: Start where you are right now, turn your heart towards the Lord, and Walk in the light.

I love that he says "start where you are"! How often do we feel that it's too hard to start from where we are or that we don't know how to start. But all we have to do is start from where we are (no matter where that is) and the light of Christ will begin to enter our lives. Th…

Ready for School...(picture overload)

I had a few friends ask me if they could see my classroom so they could get ideas for their own. I always like to share my classroom on my blog anyways, so here you go. This is a major picture overload! I took several pictures of some things to try and show my whole room! I tried to explain everything but let me know if you have questions. I'm pretty proud of my space! My students get to start making it "their space" tomorrow. Here goes my eleventh year teaching and my first year in fifth grade! Ready or not here we go!

Outside of my classroom...
Classroom door...I like to be sure it's warm and inviting.
Classroom Rules posted on the inside of the door.
My shelves/counter...they will never be this clean again. :( But for now they are beautiful and organized...and they make me HAPPY!!!

My nice organized books.
I'm going to try this new idea this year. They highlight their name before they turn it in. I'm hoping this will eliminate so many "no name" p…