Ready for School...(picture overload)

I had a few friends ask me if they could see my classroom so they could get ideas for their own. I always like to share my classroom on my blog anyways, so here you go. This is a major picture overload! I took several pictures of some things to try and show my whole room! I tried to explain everything but let me know if you have questions. I'm pretty proud of my space! My students get to start making it "their space" tomorrow. Here goes my eleventh year teaching and my first year in fifth grade! Ready or not here we go!

Outside of my classroom...

Classroom door...I like to be sure it's warm and inviting.

Classroom Rules posted on the inside of the door.

My shelves/counter...they will never be this clean again. :( But for now they are beautiful and organized...and they make me HAPPY!!!

My nice organized books.

I'm going to try this new idea this year. They highlight their name before they turn it in. I'm hoping this will eliminate so many "no name" papers.

My bathroom passes. They put the sanitizer on their desk. Put the pass (on a lanyard) around their neck. When they get back they wash their hands. (Who knows how many actually wash their hands in the bathroom)

More organization...

I wish it stayed this organized all year...

This "tool box" is the best thing I ever learned. My second year of teaching, I was at Paul Culley E.S. in Las Vegas and another teacher gave me this great idea. I keep rubber bands, paper clips, staple removers, push pins, etc in this space. Love this!!!

This cabinet is where I put extra baskets etc. It gets messy at times. (This is where I usually hide things I don't want to deal with lol) But it's clean right now since I just moved into my room. So I should actually document my clean wardrobe cabinet! 

Bulletin borad behind my desk. I put my schedule and objectives up here. The students love this board because it tells them what's next in our day. I had to add a cute border around it to make it fit my style. :)

Teacher's desk...once again, it will never be this clean! This is why I had to document my room now. Once the kiddos are here and we start learning our room won't be quite this clean. 

This is the shelf behind my desk. I keep my weekly planner, grade book, things that I need often when planning, on this shelf.

Comfiest chair ever! Thank you IKEA. :) Pillows for the kiddos and " reading time".

Our Promethean glad to have this in my classroom! The kids get so excited about it! 

The desks are ready for Monday. 

Games for "Ketchup & Pickle" time. I'll explain K&P in another post...a way to get the kids excited about keeping up on their work! 

My other board. Cute border again. 

I love this "Dear Student" poster. So glad I found this on pinterest! It is perfect for a "positive classroom environment". Also the 7 habits of highly effective kids. And the steps of writer's workshop. (Thanks to my amazing friend Brooke for that one) Oh and the fabulous COW! (Computers On Wheels)

Look at those cute, organized desks! 

I made cute magnetic nametags this year (since I got new desks)

This is the back of the nametag. Each student is assigned a number. The numbers are used for various things such as to know where to hang backpacks, behavior chart, "pick me sticks", etc...

A few closeups.....

My "Writer's Corner"

Cute genre posters under the classroom window. The blinds mostly stay closed so the students don't get distracted. I do open them when it's rainy because they're distracted anyways when it's rainy and I love the rain! 

Found this cute quote so I had the vinyl store help me design it!

Reader's Corner...calendar, books, and writing

Look at all those books! But I think I need some more this year... The pink crate has advanced picture books in it. Sometimes the students enjoy them and they can learn so much from them! 

Notice the "August" words. Each month I put up new words particular to that month such as holiday words etc.

If you haven't noticed...there's pillows everywhere! My students love them! 

A basket for each table to keep their books and notebooks in

Birthday pencils are not done yet...they'll have a paper birthday balloon on top! Can't wait for the end result! 

The thing I'm most excited about this year. The straw/pencil dispenser. I found a straw dispenser from Amazon, covered it in cute paper, cut out vinyl lettering for it, and now they can quickly get a pencil without spending 5 minutes trying to choose the best one! And also my "gumball" eraser machine! And all sorts of great stuff...dicitonaries, white boards, markers, erasers, clipboards...

Will put up weekly spelling words on this board

The top will be our weekly "idiom" and the bottom is birthdays. With two classes it's too ahrd to remember otherwise.

Hall passes.

Give Me 5 posters and backpack numbers...

My Scrabble Name!!!

The Emergency Evacuation Route...and hand sanitizer! 

Right by the door...the lovely yellow vest (worn on duty and during fire drills). The blue folder has rolls, red/green cards (for fire drills). This is pretty handy! 

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