Temples...a Sacred Place! :)

St. George, UT LDS temple...on a stormy day. I got lucky with this picture! 

Well, yesterday was amazing! I've been trying to make it to the temple for a few weeks now. But with school starting and the life of a busy teacher, it just hasn't happened. And I wanted to see the new endowment video that they're showing. Everyone keeps saying that it has "more feeling". I wasn't sure what exactly they meant by that, so I wanted to go find out. And I knew the temple was closing yesterday so I was trying so hard to make it there sometime before it closed.

I finally made it there yesterday (barely). I had hoped for the 10 am session. But I left my house later than planned so I thought: "okay, I'll just go to 10:40". Well, I got there 10:20ish and ended up searching for a parking spot FOREVER! I ended up a good block or so away. And I ofcourse missed the 10:40 session. I considered just skipping out. But I felt that I really needed to be there; I really NEED the blessings of the temple right now! So I sat in the temple and waited for the next session to start. I've never seen the temple so full before. Wow!! And as soon as the session started, I was so glad that I had stayed. The new video is so heartfelt and touching. It really does have way more feeling! It felt myself grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Wow was the Spirit strong through that session. I was amazed and so glad that I had been there!!! 

Oh and bonus, a family friend was going through the temple for the first time (as she's preparing for her mission). It was fun to see her with her parents and the sweet spirit that was present. Wow!!! I am just so amazed by all of these sweet girls choosing to serve missions. They are absolutely stunning!!! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is incredible! 

Check out this amazing video of Mormon temples. A look into the temple with a prophet of God. In our religion, temples are very sacred. When we go to the temple, we want to be spiritually uplifted and feel closer to our Heavenly Father. We go there to receive answers to our prayers. We go there when we are just having a bad day or going through some trials and want to feel God's love. Feel free to watch this video to learn more about that. 

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