What's on your plate?

Today we had an absolutely fabulous RS lesson! The title of the lesson was: "What's on your plate?" The sister who gave the lesson started with an experience that happened to her that helped her realize that her life was out of control and she needed to make some changes. (I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing this but her story really made me realize some things.) She said she had been super busy and she listed all the things that she'd been trying to accomplish. Then she was stressed about all of these things as she headed to a family reunion. She was driving in her car with three of her children on the way to the family reunion. One of her sons had his fingers in his ears to tune out what was going on; the other son had a pillow over his head. And her and her daughter will literally screaming at each other as they sat at a stop light. She stopped, looked around, and realized people in other cars were staring at her. That's when she realized that her life was out of control and it was time to check her priorities. 

This story really hit me because I have been thinking lately that I need a serious priority check. I'm always tired. I always have a to-do list a mile long. I never get everything done. I'm always in bed late. I have a hard time sleeping lately. I've been too tired to read the scriptures far too often. And my prayers are slacking lately due to my exhaustion. I'm too busy to work out. Too busy to cook a real dinner. To busy to do everything that's important to me. So I've known for a few weeks that I need a priority check. But this lesson just really hit me and made me realize I need to prioritize NOW!! I keep telling myself I need to reprioritize but I'm "too busy" to do so. So now's the time to do it, and to fix my crazy life. 

There were some great things shared in this lesson today that really have helped me. And I think they'll really help me to figure out what should be my priorities. The sister giving the lesson said she had realized that her number one priority is the very thing that she was neglecting. So that's when she realized that she needed to consider her priorities and make the necessary changes in her life. And I've realized the same thing about my life. Every night as I get into bed, I realize that my day didn't go as it should have. I realize that I'm too tired to say a meaningful prayer, I'm too tired to have meaningful scripture study, and I've had such a stressful day that my mind won't slow down. 

So NOW is the time to change that! Number one priority means....I need to start getting to bed early. I know it will take a few nights to adjust, but I really need to do it. And from there, I need to reprioritize my life and I need to get back on track. I know that I'll be happier, less exhausted, and feel so much better once I do this! I know there are things taking priority in my life right now that shouldn't be. And these things are causing me to push aside what is really important to me. So now is the time to change. Ready...Go! I'm grateful for that amazing lesson today to get me going. As I sat through that lesson I couldn't help but thing that lesson was for me! Everything she said, rang true to what I'm going through right now. 

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