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Double Life?

I just had to share this funny experience from today! I have this awesome invention in my classroom. 

I'm pretty proud of this thing and the kids just love it!!! But those darling fifth graders don't take very good care of it. So they broke it about a week ago and I've been devastated ever since that day. I've tried daily to fix it. I've tried so many things. I was so worried that we were doomed and I was going to have to throw this beauty away!! But I finally got it fixed this morning. Thank you super glue for saving the day! 
But that's not the best part. The best part is what happened when I told my sweet fifth graders. I started out by saying: "I've been working on a surgical procedure for over a week now." (I thought I was being funny but the gasps from every corner of the room told me otherwise.) Suddenly there were several questions being raised by my students...
How long have you been a surgeon? Do you work at the hospital? Do you work every …

"Me" Day

Well, I officially made it through the first month of school. It has been exhausting and rewarding all at the same time. I love my job! I love my kids! And someone told me today that fifth grade is by far the easiest grade to teach. We'll see how that goes...Anyways, I needed a "me day" yesterday. I dropped the cleaning, the laundry, the grading papers....I tossed that all out the window. And instead I gave myself a "me day".

I started the day by doing my hair and makeup. This may sound funny to some. But I'd rather sleep in than doll myself up for school. My fifth graders don't care if I have makeup on. I still ofcourse make myself look presentable. But I don't spend time on me in the mornings.

After feeling pretty, I did a variety of things. I renewed my gym membership so I can start feeling good about my body again.

I went and got a pedicure (free by the way, thanks to one of my wonderful student's mom).

I went shopping for Bunco prizes so I …

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! I've always loved Sundays. But recently Sundays are the only thing that seems to get me through the rest of the week. Sundays are so uplifting that they give me the strength and the power to make it through yet another week. I try really hard to focus on the positive things in my life and stay happy as often as I can. I'd much rather be happy and positive then to be negative all of the time. Life is so much harder when you're always negative! But today was one of those days that drug me down... And let me tell you why! But first I'm ofcourse going to start with the positives of the day! 

I started the day off at this sweet sister's farewell. She's a friend of my little sister Kayla. Because of them being friends, I also got to know sweet McKelle. So I went to her farewell today. What a fabulous way to start a Sunday! Except, now that Kayla's gone, I bawl at every mission farewell because I can't stop thinking of Kayla. Although I…

August Instalife

Well August ofcourse includes school, school, and more school. Oh and lots of hot tub soaks and bath (due to sore legs and feet). This year I switched grade levels and classrooms (yet again). So I spent a lot of extra hours at school. As I started this post, I realized that I posted to Instgram ALOT during August. So I chose a few to share with you. In no paricular order...

Got new tables! Woot! Woot! I did NOT like those horshoe tables. This was super exciting for me and the kiddos.
Like I siad, lots of time at the hot tub. It was hard to get this pic. Sorry my face is super shiny from the flash! 
Went to Cold Stone one night with my mama! Yum! 
This happened during the night, ugh! My cheap walmart shelf broke and I had to do some damage repair the next day. (Luckily it was a Saturday!)
Some of the classroom decor
Cut out lamination while watching the Bachelorette finale...look at all of that!
Was so excited to make this! Straw dispenser, scrapbook paper, and vinyl letters. I was pre…

Favorite Auntie Mandi!

Last week my sister Megan came for a visit. I ofcourse still had to work during the day. But I got to spend my nights with her and her cute kiddos! They are adorable. Here boys are just hilarious and so full of energy! And sweet Lila isn't so sure how she feels about me. Whenever she sees me, I get a scrunchy nose, puckered lips, and squeal. Silly girl! She forgot that I'm "favorite auntie Mandi". :) I'm so glad that they came for a visit and that I was able to spend some time with them!!

Here are a few pics in no particular order:

saying goodbye...
S'mores...Miss Lila was so determined to have one. At one point she dove for mine double-handed. She was not happy when I wouldn't share. She gave me lots of scrunchy face! The boys thought s'mores were the coolest thing ever!!
They gave me spy lessons almost every night. Basically, they sat on the bed and gave me instructions. And I had to do what they said. They make great teachers haha! 
I had to share …

Just another day in paradise...

Hello! Stormy clouds the other day. So I had to take a pic! Unfortunately, I got the fmaily squinty eyes and have a hard time taking good pictures. 
I decided that I'm ready for fall. We've had lots of storm cloulds lately and I'm just sick of summer heat! So I hung up my fall wreath next to my summer decor lol. Not that it will make a difference because we don't have a real fall here...but it makes me feel better!!

I love clouds!

I love cloudy! Big white fluffy clouds. And beautiful stormy clouds! Clouds, clouds, clouds!! Here's a few cloud pictures that I've taken lately. I just can't help myself. I'm seriously a wannabe photographer!!

You can't really tell from the picture, but the sun was hiding behind one cloud and just "peeking out" a little.
I was amazed by this pic...then I realized the "sun" was actually a street light. Still a cool pic though!
Here's a better look at the sun "hiding" behind the cloud. It was way cool in person!
Big, white fluffy pretty!