August Instalife

Well August ofcourse includes school, school, and more school. Oh and lots of hot tub soaks and bath (due to sore legs and feet). This year I switched grade levels and classrooms (yet again). So I spent a lot of extra hours at school. As I started this post, I realized that I posted to Instgram ALOT during August. So I chose a few to share with you. In no paricular order...

Got new tables! Woot! Woot! I did NOT like those horshoe tables. This was super exciting for me and the kiddos.

Like I siad, lots of time at the hot tub. It was hard to get this pic. Sorry my face is super shiny from the flash! 

Went to Cold Stone one night with my mama! Yum! 

This happened during the night, ugh! My cheap walmart shelf broke and I had to do some damage repair the next day. (Luckily it was a Saturday!)

Some of the classroom decor

Cut out lamination while watching the Bachelorette finale...look at all of that!

Was so excited to make this! Straw dispenser, scrapbook paper, and vinyl letters. I was pretty excited about this!!

Made a "Teacher I'm Done" jar. Instead of them telling me they're done and begging for something to do, they can consult the jar for ideas. :) 

Just hi...super curly hair day! 

Used a lot of this stuff. Ran out one night and was glad I'd already bought a new thing of it! 

Made these cute "birthday balloons" for my students

Pool time again...almost nightly! 

Discovered the best thing ever. I pop a few of these each day to stay healthy. While all the other teachers are getting sick, I'm healthy as a horse! 

Made a fun word wall. Each week after introducing the words, I post them on the wall.

Tried this yummy place for the first time. Wow! Love it. :) Those fries are amazing!!!

Yep, lots of baths to calm my sore muscles. 

Just hi

Stormy weather (my favorite type of weather)

I'm in love with all the cool clouds we've seen in August! 

Hi and some stormy clouds

Miss Scruncy Face lol. She's a doll, but she's not sure how she feels about me! Scrunches her face, puckers her lips, and squeals. She'll get used to the idea that I'm the favorite aunt lol! 

More lamination...I cut out a ton of that in August! New classroom, new grade, new curriculum, new everything.

Sweetest gift ever! Thanks to my sweet sister Lynnie. :)

Sent these home at the end of the first week of school. :)

Switched from DISH to DirectTV and saved lots of money. Oh and Costco paid me $200 for switching. :)

Sent Sister Kayla Rolfe a package...and got a little carried away. The box almost wouldn't close. 

Ate lots of these yummy things...

Well that about sums up August! Check out my Instagram for more! :)

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