Double Life?

I just had to share this funny experience from today! I have this awesome invention in my classroom. 

I'm pretty proud of this thing and the kids just love it!!! But those darling fifth graders don't take very good care of it. So they broke it about a week ago and I've been devastated ever since that day. I've tried daily to fix it. I've tried so many things. I was so worried that we were doomed and I was going to have to throw this beauty away!! But I finally got it fixed this morning. Thank you super glue for saving the day! 

But that's not the best part. The best part is what happened when I told my sweet fifth graders. I started out by saying: "I've been working on a surgical procedure for over a week now." (I thought I was being funny but the gasps from every corner of the room told me otherwise.) Suddenly there were several questions being raised by my students...

How long have you been a surgeon? Do you work at the hospital? Do you work every night? You must never sleep. Are you a vampire? Why did you never tell you this before? Etc... And I must say the looks on their faces were absolutely priceless!! I completely lost it and started cracking up! I hadn't even had my chance to tell them my exciting news yet. But I could not believe that they thought these things about me!! 

After laughing for a few minutes while they stared at me with totally confused expressions, I continued on..."I've been doing surgery on the pencil dispenser." "So you're not really a surgeon?" "No sweetheart. I'm not a surgeon and I'm not a vampire." The entire class started to laugh at this point (Except the handful who still didn't get it.) 

Then I explained the surgery and how difficult it had been. But I told them that they would need to be kind and gentle with my patient so we wouldn't have to go into surgery again. They renamed the pencil dispenser "Priscilla". I think that's the perfect name for my patient. ;) 

This story may not seem that funny to you. But it was one if the best days ever in my classroom!!! Had I not explained, some students may have gone home and told their parents that Miss Rolfe is not only a teacher, but a surgeon and a vampire! The looks on their faces were so priceless !! :) This is why I {LOVE} my fifth graders! 

But if I could see a little of HIM daily...

Then I'd be HAPPY to be a surgeon!! ;) 

Good Night everyone...

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