Favorite Auntie Mandi!

Last week my sister Megan came for a visit. I ofcourse still had to work during the day. But I got to spend my nights with her and her cute kiddos! They are adorable. Here boys are just hilarious and so full of energy! And sweet Lila isn't so sure how she feels about me. Whenever she sees me, I get a scrunchy nose, puckered lips, and squeal. Silly girl! She forgot that I'm "favorite auntie Mandi". :) I'm so glad that they came for a visit and that I was able to spend some time with them!!

Here are a few pics in no particular order:

saying goodbye...

S'mores...Miss Lila was so determined to have one. At one point she dove for mine double-handed. She was not happy when I wouldn't share. She gave me lots of scrunchy face! The boys thought s'mores were the coolest thing ever!!

They gave me spy lessons almost every night. Basically, they sat on the bed and gave me instructions. And I had to do what they said. They make great teachers haha! 

I had to share the cute scrunchy face. :)

She is definitely one "cool chick"...wish she would've smiled! But I was lucky to get her to look.

The boys love Chinese Checkers. I haven't played in years. I have very fond memories of playing as a kid on the board my grandma made for us. :)

They went to the pool the first day here. I was still at work, so I made it at the end to say hi :)

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