We had a beautiful lesson taught today by the RS president on humility. So to start her lesson she had those letters all jumbled up on the board. I'm so used to education acronyms that I didn't realize it was a scrambled word. So I sat there trying to figure out what the acronym stood for lol! When she started the lesson and asked what the word was, I felt so silly! Anyways, we had a great lesson on humility vs. pride today. I just wanted to share a few points from the lesson/discussion that were brought up today that really touched my heart. 

First of all, if we are prideful, we are far from humble. And the point was brought up that sometimes we don't even realize that we're being prideful. And I know that I've noticed that in my own life. Life is going great, we're feeling good about things, we're really proud of ourselves for how well our life is going at the moment. But that is when we become prideful because we forget about Heavenly Father. We forget that life is going great because HF is blessing us, not because we're doing well for ourselves. We have all that we have because of HIM. He's the reason that life is going well, because he feels that we deserve those blessings. But usually, once we become prideful, that's when he takes those blessings away. So we need to be careful and remember to be humble and to be grateful for all that he has given us.

Another great point is that of humiliation. When we become prideful and HF chooses to take blessings away from us for a time, he doesn't want to humiliate us. He simply wants to take them away so that we'll humble ourselves and turn to him again. He loves us. He doesn't want to humiliate us in any way. But a part of being "unhumble" is being competitive, judgemental, and wanting to humiliate others. Throughout the lesson that word "humiliation" kept coming up, and that word just kept hitting me. If we are trying to humiliate others, we are definitely not in a humble state of mind. The Lord does not want us to try to humiliate others, nor does he want to humiliate us. I just feel like that's a big word because of the world we live in today. There are so many people who are so worried about humiliating others in order to make themselves look good. But we need to humble ourselves and turn to the Lord. He loves us and wants to bless us. But he can only bless us if we humble ourselves before Him.

I think once we humble ourselves and turn to Him, he will make difficult situations more bearable. I've noticed an example of this in my own life. It's very personal to me and difficult to talk about. But I feel I should share it here. For years I've been bitter and angry with God because he's allowed me to stay single. So many times in the scriptures he promises that if we come to Him in Faith, that he'll give us the desires of our hearts. Well I've always been a faithful member of the church, always followed the gospel standards, always followed promptings my HF has given me. So I've never understood why he wouldn't give me the one blessing I've always wanted. And the last few years I've gotten to the point where I was so bitter about it that it was so hard to trust that he really cared about me and was looking out for me. I always believed in the gospel whole-heartedly, but there were definitely times where I was very bitter and angry with God. And for a long time, I felt that he was withholding other blessings from me as well (I'm sure because of the way I was acting). So I finally decided just to make some changes in my life. And I still don't have that blessing which I've desired for years and years and years. But I'm happy with my life and I know that I am blessed because of my Faith in my HF. I just hope that someday (soon) he decides to share that blessing that I want so badly with me. :) 

Please don't judge me for sharing this. It was very difficult to put that out there...but I felt strongly that I should share my feelings on the blog today.

There were so many other great points brought up in the lesson! But these are the points that kept hitting me! I love my ward! I love RS...such a spiritual uplifter every week!!! :)

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