"Me" Day

Well, I officially made it through the first month of school. It has been exhausting and rewarding all at the same time. I love my job! I love my kids! And someone told me today that fifth grade is by far the easiest grade to teach. We'll see how that goes...Anyways, I needed a "me day" yesterday. I dropped the cleaning, the laundry, the grading papers....I tossed that all out the window. And instead I gave myself a "me day".

I started the day by doing my hair and makeup. This may sound funny to some. But I'd rather sleep in than doll myself up for school. My fifth graders don't care if I have makeup on. I still ofcourse make myself look presentable. But I don't spend time on me in the mornings.

After feeling pretty, I did a variety of things. I renewed my gym membership so I can start feeling good about my body again.

I went and got a pedicure (free by the way, thanks to one of my wonderful student's mom).

I went shopping for Bunco prizes so I wouldn't have to be stressed about it this week. Shopping is much more relaxing on Saturdays than it is week nights after work.

I read all my favorite blogs. This used to be a daily activity and I miss it!

I spent time making a yummy dinner. Once again, something I never do. I throw together whatever I can quickly after I get home from an exhausting day at work.

I watched a good rain storm...with the most beautiful pink sky I've ever seen! I could do this one daily....love it!!! I think I need to move to Seattle. :)

And I ended my day with a movie and popped popcorn. YUM!!! I never take the time to do this. But it's my favorite. I like it way better than microwavable popcorn.

Awe...I love this! There is nothing better than a good pedi. I want to go back to the days of monthly pedis... This was my first ever pedi from a man! Interesting...but not bad. I have to say the leg massage was way better than usual lol! 

Renewed the gym membership. Ready to start again...Monday night here I come! 

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