Since I've been the #1 blogging slacker the last few months, here's a few pics from December. December was filled with busyness, game nights, friends, holiday celebrations, and much, much more. 

Per tradition, I worked at Forgotten Carols again. This year, it was a little different. They had a very small amount of product, had hardly anyone working, the show was overbooked (so we couldn't go inside and watch like usual), etc. On the first night, business was pretty slow. We had one table on each end of the foyer. I was at the big table with my friend Sherri. I didn't mind that things were slow since she was there to chat with. But the second night was a bit crazy. I was at the big table all by myself and we were far, far busier than the night before. But I need the extra cash, so I guess it was worth it. Just a little sad that I didn't get to watch any of the show this year. :(

I finally decorated for Christmas like 10 days (maybe less) before Christmas. No tree this year. Not worth it anymore in my tiny little house. Too difficult. So I put out a few small things, and call it good. 

Bunco night! In December, we don't play. We meet at a restaurant and exchange gifts. I was told it must be something from your house, so I made a gag-gift. Ya, nobody else got that memo. Oops! We went to Applebee's and I got my favorite salad. Yum! I haven't had that forever!!! I gave the "Jar of Nothing". (Got the idea from Pinterest) I received a movie gift card. Yay!!! It was a fun night with fun ladies! 

Haha…On ofe of my many game nights with my awesome neighbor friends, we pulled out LIFE. We usually stick to the same games all the time so this was out of the norm for us. But it was fun. Except…story of my life….I was last to get a husband, had no children, had teh lowest paid job…hmmm...

We had a major snow storm in December (So abnormal for lil ol' St. George). Church was cancelled. Roads were bad for awhile. (I was scared to death of driving) These icicles stayed for about 2 weeks.

Temperatures were extremely cold for a few weeks. It was 20 or below for at least a week straight…ugh!! 

Lots of hot cocoa at night to warm up my freezing insides! 

More game night. Phase 10 Twist. Such a fun game!!! 

Our Snow Day.

Help a friend make some gingerbread houses for an auction. They turned out pretty great. 

Started to contemplate running for president lol...

My mom and her crazy siblings (and spouses) at Thelma's funeral 

My grandpa's wife Thelma passed on. She was a very sweet lady and has been in our family for a long time. She will be missed but she's in a better place now. 

Happy December!!! 

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