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Thanksgiving was so fun this year. My sister Lynnie graciously opened up her home to all of us! So my parents, me, my brother Kenny and his family, and my sister Megan and her family all headed to Colorado to stay with Lynnie and her family. The whole Rolfe fam was there minus our sweet missionary Kayla. There was never a dull moment. We celebrated Reed's birthday, Thanksgiving dinner, "Choppped" with leftovers, Black Friday (Thursday) shopping, opened Christmas jammies, spent lots of time on the indoor slide…and a whole lot more. Hopefully I didn't miss anything! 
Ready to head out of town
Making ornaments for Grandpa Steel
Hailey lead us in a fun craft…to be placed at each plate during dinner.

Had fun riding bikes outside
Ready for turkey dinner!
Um…ya. Mid-sentence apparantly. But this Lila girl is adorable! 
Two of my cute nieces
Another cute niece
Opening Christmas jambes...
Christmas jambes…and numbered shirts. Isn't this adorable??

Played a really fun gam…