Christmas 2013

Well Christmas this year was interesting to say the least. The holidays are a very difficult time of year for me. I try to focus on what  do have, a wonderful family who loves me. But during the holidays when all of my family members are with their spouses and children, it's difficult for me not to focus on what I don't have…a spouse, the love of my life, my true love. So the holidays are always difficult. And as I've reached my 30's it has become ten times worse to get through the holidays. 

This year I spent Christmas with my parents and my grandpa. It was a nice quiet day. I went over to my parents' house on Christmas Eve. We decided to go out to dinner this year. My grandpa wanted Five Guys, but we discovered that they had closed early. So we moved on to Freddys, who had also closed early. As it turns out, In-n-Out was open until 11 pm, so we went there. Well…so did the entire town! We couldn't find a place to sit!!! But someone finally left and we were able to sit at the counter. (Although there still weren't enough seats for all of us) Then we went home. Grandpa went to bed, and we watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. I decided I'd stay the night rather than heading home across town.

So Christmas morning was pretty quiet. We started by opening stockings. Then we had a yummy Christmas breakfast. Then we opened our presents. After presents, we anxiously waited by the phone for our missionary (Kayla) to call us! Unfortunately, we were only given 35 minutes on the phone. (Most missionary families that we know of got to Skype with their missionary) Luckily though, our 35 minutes did extend a little bit longer. It was amazing to hear her beautiful voice. Wow! She's changed so much. She's such an incredible missionary and such an incredible young woman!!  

After the phone call we had a super yummy lunch prepared by my mom. It was absolutely delicious. And then we headed to the movies and saw "Saving Mr. Banks". I had already seen it. But that was okay because it was a really good movie. And sweet grandpa spent most of the day on the phone. He received several Christmas phone calls. He is such a sweet man and he teared up with every phone call. It was a good day. I'm grateful for my wonderful parents and all that they do for me. Although I have them, I can't help but feel lonely. All of my siblings have been blessed with a spouse who loves them dearly. I just don't understand why I can't find someone to love me. Someday…I hope!! :) 


Christmas Eve "JOY"...

Christmas Eve…In-n-Out, stockings (isn't grandpa's the best!!), Phineas and Ferb house (it's the best every year), and Christmas jammies (that were actually opened on Thanksgiving this year)

Monday is email day. I was getting excited as I emailed back and forth Monday. I don't usually get to do that because I'm usually teaching. It was pretty exciting…until I heard about "no Skype". :(

This is how I felt this year…where's my true love? Is that too much to ask?? Everyone around me seems to have found that person, so what's wrong with me?? (Please don't answer that. I've answered that enough times myself.)

Grandpa opening his stocking…he had fun :)

A few moments from Christmas Day. Stockings. Presents. Grandpa phone calls. Amazing cinnamon rolls. Dad's new "U" chair. Dad's artwork from mom. 


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