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I love, love, love Cadbury Mini Eggs!! I love them so much that I stock up every year. This weekend I discovered that they now make them with white chocolate! Yum! Rich and creamy Yumminess!! I also discovered cookie fought Oreos. I love cookie dough and I love Oreos. So what a great combo! Although I think they're yummy, I still prefer cookie dough ice cream! Yummy to my tummy!!!!!

Good read...

If you know me then you probably know that I LOVE to READ!! One of my favorite things about vacation, summer, and other breaks is the chance to read anything I want!!! When school's in session I didn't get much chance for pleasure reading. I spend all my time writing lesson plans, grading papers, and pre-reading books I want to read to my students. We have 15 minutes of silent reading time each day and honestly that's one of my favorite parts of the day!!! But 15 minutes a day means that it takes 4-5 months to read one book. In the past I'd stay up reading half the night and then still teach the next day. I'm getting old lol...I can't do that anymore!! So unfortunately it takes me a lot longer to read a book.
But...I finished a book this weekend!! Woohoo!! I read The Wednesday Letters last summer and I just loved the book! And I stumbled across the sequel back in November. So I've been working on reading it ever since. Great, great books!! Everyone should re…

Happy Sunday!!

Happy Sunday my friends! I actually did my hair AND my makeup today! I was super proud of myself and so I had to document it. That is very rare for me. Unfortunately I have a job where I have to get up at 6:30 AM to make it on time. And I am NOT a morning person!! So most days I throw my hair in a pony or throw a little mousse in and run out the door. But Sundays are usually different than the rest of the week. I can sleep in a bit and take my time getting ready. Even at that, some Sundays I choose to do just the sleeping in part lol! Yes, call me lazy. But I have a job that, although I love, it totally EXHAUSTS me and takes over the rest if my life!!! 
Anyways, today has been a nice day. I spent a little time getting ready. I feel pretty. It feels like SPRING outside (even though it's only February). I have a whole lot of yummy strawberries in my fridge...that I think I should go indulge in! And I don't work on Sundays. Life is pretty good!!

Sweet crafty gift

I can not get over the cuteness of this gift! One of my sweet students have this to me for Valentines Day! Isn't it adorable?! She painted it and everything! It looks exactly like something I'd make for myself lol!! I 💗 {{LOVE}} 💗 it!!! 😍


I wanted to do something for my students for Valentine's this year. I usually try to do something every year, no matter how small. And this year they told me I'd need a big box to fit all of their valentines in. So I figured I better do something for them! Ever since Frozen came out, it seems that's all they can talk about. So ofcourse, I took to pinterest and found a very cute Olaf valentine. Pinterest took me to this cute blog which gave me a free printable. Yay! Thank you! I was so grateful for the free printable because I knew that I wouldn't have time for much this year. And ofcourse my students loved it! <3 And a little sweetheart made a box for me to put all of my valentines in. I was glad she did! They were right…they totally spoiled me this year with LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!!!

Snow in St. George!!!

Snow in sunny St. George! Say what?! For those who have never been here, I live in a place that's ALWAYS warm! A typical winter day would be around 50 degrees (or often it was 73 and it's February). Back in December we got snow twice in one week. That's unheard of! We're lucky to get once a year! And the second day that it snowed it snowed more than St. George had ever seen!! The whole town shut down. We were in a snow emergency and told not to leave our houses unless we had to. (Our town doesn't own snow plows.) it was absolute craziness for this hot, sunny town!!! And we felt temperatures some of us have never felt before (such as 3 degrees). Glad those cold temps only lasted a few weeks!! Brrr.... Because of the cold temps snow didn't melt, there was ice everywhere, and driving to work was the scariest thing ever!! I hated driving to work that week!! Check out a few pics below from that week. I realize some of you may laugh at the amount of sn…

These days...

This is what's been happening on Instagram these days!! 
I know I've been a blog slacker lately. Sorry about that. Life has been so crazy!! So here's a little of what you've missed. And I promise I'll do better! :)
Happy Sunday! Hello 70 degree weather in February!

Valentines dinner. When you're single you go get take out in Vday!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with my students.

Helping a friend 'Hot Tub Anne' celebrate her bday at Sakura.

Helping the cutest one-year-old celebrate her bday!

Receiving silly notes from students.

Visiting cute nieces and nephews in Vegas! 

Look at that cute one-year-old! 

Receiving cute pictures made by nephews.

Cute children!!

Silly Vday poem from a student.

Using my free movie ticket. 
Receiving crazy gifts from very sweet students!