Good read...

If you know me then you probably know that I LOVE to READ!! One of my favorite things about vacation, summer, and other breaks is the chance to read anything I want!!! When school's in session I didn't get much chance for pleasure reading. I spend all my time writing lesson plans, grading papers, and pre-reading books I want to read to my students. We have 15 minutes of silent reading time each day and honestly that's one of my favorite parts of the day!!! But 15 minutes a day means that it takes 4-5 months to read one book. In the past I'd stay up reading half the night and then still teach the next day. I'm getting old lol...I can't do that anymore!! So unfortunately it takes me a lot longer to read a book.

But...I finished a book this weekend!! Woohoo!! I read The Wednesday Letters last summer and I just loved the book! And I stumbled across the sequel back in November. So I've been working on reading it ever since. Great, great books!! Everyone should read these books! I highly recommend them! 

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