Happy Sunday!!

Happy Sunday my friends! I actually did my hair AND my makeup today! I was super proud of myself and so I had to document it. That is very rare for me. Unfortunately I have a job where I have to get up at 6:30 AM to make it on time. And I am NOT a morning person!! So most days I throw my hair in a pony or throw a little mousse in and run out the door. But Sundays are usually different than the rest of the week. I can sleep in a bit and take my time getting ready. Even at that, some Sundays I choose to do just the sleeping in part lol! Yes, call me lazy. But I have a job that, although I love, it totally EXHAUSTS me and takes over the rest if my life!!! 

Anyways, today has been a nice day. I spent a little time getting ready. I feel pretty. It feels like SPRING outside (even though it's only February). I have a whole lot of yummy strawberries in my fridge...that I think I should go indulge in! And I don't work on Sundays. Life is pretty good!!

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