Snow in St. George!!!

Snow in sunny St. George! Say what?! For those who have never been here, I live in a place that's ALWAYS warm! A typical winter day would be around 50 degrees (or often it was 73 and it's February). Back in December we got snow twice in one week. That's unheard of! We're lucky to get once a year! And the second day that it snowed it snowed more than St. George had ever seen!! The whole town shut down. We were in a snow emergency and told not to leave our houses unless we had to. (Our town doesn't own snow plows.) it was absolute craziness for this hot, sunny town!!! And we felt temperatures some of us have never felt before (such as 3 degrees). Glad those cold temps only lasted a few weeks!! Brrr.... Because of the cold temps snow didn't melt, there was ice everywhere, and driving to work was the scariest thing ever!! I hated driving to work that week!! Check out a few pics below from that week. I realize some of you may laugh at the amount of snow. But for this funny city, this was crazy!!!

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