These days...

This is what's been happening on Instagram these days!! 

I know I've been a blog slacker lately. Sorry about that. Life has been so crazy!! So here's a little of what you've missed. And I promise I'll do better! :)

Happy Sunday! Hello 70 degree weather in February!

Valentines dinner. When you're single you go get take out in Vday!

Celebrating Valentine's Day with my students.

Helping a friend 'Hot Tub Anne' celebrate her bday at Sakura.

Helping the cutest one-year-old celebrate her bday!

Receiving silly notes from students.

Visiting cute nieces and nephews in Vegas! 

Look at that cute one-year-old! 

Receiving cute pictures made by nephews.

Cute children!!

Silly Vday poem from a student.

Using my free movie ticket. 

Receiving crazy gifts from very sweet students! 

Grading A TON of papers!!!

Receiving lots of bracelets from students. I have twice they many now. 

Thanks for stopping in. I promise I'll write more often! No more blog slacking here. :)

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