Little Women

I just finished reading this book with my classes. And I just have to say what a great experience it was! Growing up, I loved the Winona Ryder movie version of Little Women. But until now, I'd never read the book. So when I heard it was a part of our curriculum, I was super pumped! With every passing chapter, I was left with a smile on my face. It just made me happy reading this book aloud to my class. It brought back a flood of memories as I would sit down and watch this movie with my siblings as a child. And it was so fun to see the reaction of my students, not only as I read aloud but also as I read their responses to the  book. 
But I have to say that my favorite was when I read the final chapter! I teach at a charter school and have two different classes: an AM class and a PM class. The PM class managed to get a chapter ahead of the other class. So as I was reading the final chapter to the PM class, squeals of excitement, happiness, and joy could be heard throughout the room. (They could hardly stand to stay in their seats.) And as I wrapped up the last sentence of the chapter, there was a collective shout for joy. They loved the book! The AM class gave me a very different reaction on the following day. They sat quietly and followed along in their books throughout the entire chapter. When I was finished, it was nice and quiet and I hard a few students say: "Well that was awkward." It's amazing to see the different dynamics of my two classes. I love them all the same. But I have to say that the PM class's reaction was so much more enjoyable! 

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