My beautiful classroom...

Well I can't believe that another year is coming to an end. We have EIGHT short weeks left of school. And half of those week will be spent testing. The other day I was reflecting on this post back in August when I was getting ready to meet the new kiddos! There were newly sharpened pencils, fresh new binders, a clean room, the walls were crisp and perfect, and everything was in it's place. Now the room has been "lived in". Things are out of place (as much as I work to get the kids to put things away), the walls are covered in things we've learned throughout the year, desks have been moved, and there is the reflection of learning that has happened. Every year around this time I start to feel nostalgic about the school year. I reflect on how the year went and what these children have taught me. And for the last two months of school I try to savor every moment and teach these beautiful children all that I can about education, life, and much more! I LOVE TEACHING!!! 

Welcome to room 131…where learning happens! I love these sweet kiddos! 

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