Pinterest Fail!!

Well…at work we keep this little laminated blue cards that are attached to rubber bands on our doors. That way we can keep our doors locked and still get in and out easily. It's for safety reasons so that if someone were in the building we could pull the card off the door quickly without having to take the time to lock the door. Anyways, a friend and I discovered these cute fabric "door jammers" that are much cuter than our little cards. We ofcourse turned to Pinterest and found what we thought was the Perfect Tutorial. (See picture and link below) As we started to follow the tutorial, we discovered that it wasn't as easy as we thought. We are both pretty crafty so we didn't think it would be that hard. Well…we were wrong! I guess we just stick to projects that DON'T involve sewing lol!! The sewing wasn't working out so well so we started hot glueing them. Well the rubber bands weren't staying in place so we thought we'd sew over the glue. Well, the tension got messed up on hers so she has bunches of thread all over the place. And the needle got stuck in the glue on mine. So we just sat and laughed at our failed project. #pinterestfail  

So our next idea was to laminate the fabric together. We both love to laminate! Better watch out or I just might laminate you lol. #lamination I'm not sure we actually thought this would work but we decided to try it. Ya it bubbled and looked super funny. So that definitely didn't work.  So we got smart and decided we could at least use cute scrapbook paper. That's at least one step better than the ugly blue cards lol. So we found cute scrapbook paper, laminated it, attached hair bands (much better than regular rubber bands), and Voila! we have a success. So our project was not a total fail. #ilovetolaminate #pinterestfail #craftsarefun #especiallywithfriends

See pictures below if you want a good laugh! 

The original idea came from here:

Here's mine. It looks okay. (Minus the needle sticking out of the top) And the fact that if you touch the hair bands they'll fall right out. 

This one is my friend's. You know, the one where the tension was messed up. Hers at least stayed together! 

Then came the laminated fabric. It looks okay from the picture. But in real life it's all bubbly and quite hilarious! 

Here is our final attempt. The laminated scrapbook paper. So much better! 

Note to self: Not everything on pinterest turns out how it is supposed to. But that doesn't matter. We had some fun girl time! 

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