Thinner Winner #2

I am feeling exactly 3.4 pounds lighter this week!!! (Yep, that's how many pounds I lost this week.) Yay me! :)

Here are my pictures for the week. For this weight loss challenge that I've joined, we have a quote each week that we focus on. Then at the end of the week when we submit our pictures we use the quote with our pictures. So below you'll see my pictures. Maybe I'll post the picture of the scale next week. We'll see. That's scary for me!!

It's been a hard first week. I had to tell myself no to so many treats. Food isdefinitely my weakness. And not just treats, but food in general. Turning down food is really hard for me. I LOVE FOOD!!!! And to make it even more difficult, we had SEPs this week. SEPs are similar to parent/teacher conferences except the students come along. So I was at school late every night in conferences which made finding time to exercise difficult. But I made it happen. I made it work because I am determined to lose weight! This is going to be a long, hard process. But, one step at a time, I will work hard and make this happen. Thanks for joining me in my journey! 

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