Thinner Winner #8

Well guys. It's been an okay week. I've sort of reached a slump in my weight loss. This is the point where I usually give up. But this time I won't be giving up because I'm in the "Thinner Winner" weight loss challenge. The challenge only goes for two more weeks and it's not likely I'm winning any of that money. But it is likely that I'll keep trying!!! 

I've decided that this is a really hard time of year to start a weight loss challenge. This is the point in the school year where I grab food on my way home from work extremely often because I'm just that tired!!! So that has made losing weight really hard. I wish I had the time (or the energy) to make some freezer meals. Those have been really helpful in the past. Oh well. I'll do my best. I'll be careful about what I eat & try to exercise at least a few nights per week. 

Anyways...for my results... Last week I gained TWO pounds. So this week I lost half a pound. So I went down a little. But I'm not down to where I was two weeks ago. That means that I have some serious catching up to do!!! I will keep trying. 

This is a very SLOW process for a very IMPATIENT girl!!! 

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